When there is a sudden drop in your site rank even if you have done enough optimization through white hat, it means that Google has penalized you for over optimization. Once your site ranking goes down, you will start analyzing the reason and may conclude that it may be due to spamming. But spamming is different from over optimization. Spamming will get your site banned, whereas over-optimization will lower search engine rankings.

If you lose your site rankings immediately after making any changes, it would be a good idea to undo them. Here we have listed some of the techniques that are practiced in real-time to boost your site ranking without knowing that it was over-optimization.

• Including keywords in page links. For example, changing the site navigation so that all the home page links says “KW1 KW2 home” instead of “home”.
• Repetition of anchor text.
• Adding backlinks with site name.
• Repeating same set of keywords in Title, Meta tags, Hx
• Using the same keywords used in anchor text, again in Title, Meta tags, Hx

Don’t indulge in the above mentioned optimization techniques to avoid Over-optimized penalty. Also avoid keyword stuffing in image link Alt tags. Having good incoming links is the best way to get a good page rank.