Gone are the days where customers had to call the restaurant to place an order for door delivery, the world is fast changing and so is the food we eat which nowadays can be ordered online with just one click away. But with so many competitors in the market establishing your new business is always going to be an uphill task.

The likes of Food Panda, Just Eat, Swiggy have already started dominating the online food segment, coupled with the popularity of this sector, it is predicted to generate more competitors in the market and it’s always better to be one step ahead of the competition.

Why Choose Online Food Ordering Business Model?

There is a reason many start-ups choose this model. Consumers are more aware and they have also have a handful of restaurants to pick from. But out of all these reasons, it’s the simplicity of the overall framework which is attracting the consumers. These apps serve as food ordering platforms which enables the consumer to search for their favorite restaurants, browse through the menu and finally place their orders. The consumers have an option of tracking their orders and cancel their orders if needed. Payment for the services can be either done via online or done by cash on delivery (COD). This simplified system enables delivery of food easy and also gives an added leverage to the customer who can choose from a varied number of hotels in their locality.

There are a number of start-ups who are currently using this model but the way you distinguish from the competitors in the market is how you define success in this field. The following are some useful tips that will help you improve your business model.

Customizing your website

To start off buy a ready-made online food ordering script with beneficial features, so that you  don’t have to start everything from the scratch and just customize your website. Creating your own customized layout can help in preserving the originality of the website.

Target a localized area and then look for expansion

It’s advisable to start your business from an area which is nearby or you are familiar with. This will help you in identifying the target market and also help in the project cost allocation. Once you identify your target audience you can focus on building your brand name.

Creating a database and updating it constantly

After you identified your target market, the next step is to create a database with all the contact details of the restaurants, menu details and the areas of delivery. Redundant information and old details needs to be removed and constantly updated so that the user experience is not compromised. Having an established sales force will help in negotiating terms and conditions of the restaurant.

Innovative features to make the website more user-friendly

Adding advanced filters can help the customer in going for a specific search and also for more wider options such as late night delivery restaurants. This will help your business in differentiating yourself from the number of clones in the market. Gift coupons is another innovative way to initiate new customer order placement.

Creating social media visibility and perform SEO

Social media awareness can be spread through Facebook and twitter. Frequently updating the pages about different offers from restaurants for the day can help in customer engagement and result in more site visits. Search engine Optimization is a must if you want free flow of traffic to your website and it will help in getting more visibility in the search engines.

Simplifying the order placement procedure

Potential customers prefer to order online because of the convenience, therefore the order placement process should be less complicated and smooth. This is possible only if you created your site keeping in mind the optimum user experience and ease of access. The dashboard can be designed to save the previous orders, history of transactions and delivery addresses which is an effective way to quicken the online order placement process.

Final Words

The online food ordering business is lucrative and is growing in numbers everyday. Competitors are constantly working on improving their site layout to increase user interaction. Currently there are many Clone scripts of Foodpanda in the market, however if you are looking forward to start a new venture you should check out Agriya’s recently launched clone script called OFOS – Online Food Ordering Script which is a Just Eat Clone script. Built with latest technical advancements it contains most of the modern features such as an interactive dashboard, address book and a user friendly food ordering platform with multiple options to make the food ordering process easy.