We live in a scenario where there are high expectations to resolve the needs and the wants of each one of us in the most timely and quality-efficient way possible. This has provoked a distinct change in how every business out there works, especially the service sector. They have moved to the online platform to offer better service to the consumers in a quick turnaround time. But to enhance the consumer-supplier relationship and to bring them as close as possible, a peer-to-peer online service marketplace was required and created. It cleared many roadblocks and helped the consumers reached their desired service providers directly and reduced the gap between them. Thumbtack and TaskRabbit are established leaders who have a very successful business model.


Thumbtack is one of the pioneers who created an excellent service marketplace platform that helped people to hire local professionals in a smarter way. Thumbtack was the next big step in the evolution of service business that was confined to the bulletin boards, phone books and online directories. The main revenue generation for thumbtack is achieved by charging the professionals when they buy the credits. Thumbtack calls it a pay-per-quote system. These credits vary from one professional to another and also varies from one job to another. They come in different package deals. The professionals use these credits to quote for the job requested by the consumers.

Thumbtack Revenue Model


Taskrabbit is another successful marketplace that connects consumers who are able to outsource small jobs and chores with a network of pre-approved and validated skilled individuals who can the listed task in a given time frame. TaskRabbit’s main revenue generation comes from taking a cut of every transaction happening over the app for the tasks completed. They call it the service fee.

Taskrabbit Revenue Model

Major factors that decide the success of the marketplace

Success is not an overnight story. Its a painstaking, brutal and lengthy process. Apart from a dominant leadership, clarity of concept and foolproof risk management policies, succeeding in a service marketplace can be broken further down into the following factors.

• Making it dramatically easy and efficient for customers who were using a much more complex process

• Creating more value that is significantly higher than the current market scenario

• Maximum utilization of new technologies to create seamless efficiencies

• The ability to perfectly consolidate a fragmented market

• A simple and easy process for suppliers to sign-up with the marketplace

• Ability to serve a much larger market and to full fill frequent needs consistently

• Reaching out to the untapped market space and serving new customers

• Having complete control over the various transactions taking place

How to build a service marketplace with little to no expertise?

After studying briefly about the two different yet successful service marketplace models and the factors that determine the success, the questions that remain are what it takes to replicate their success? Will it reach the same heights with regard to popularity and profitability?

One way of creating such a website in a short span of time is by using an already existing ready-made web templates that are abundant in the market.

The difficult route is to create the whole concept from scratch, but this tedious process is time-consuming and possibilities of it not succeeding in quite high. An alternative solution to this is to create an exact replica of the successive models. An established service marketplace script that is cloned to the perfection is your answer to built the website.

An excellent clone script that will help you to create a service marketplace

A licensed clone script opens up many possibilities for you to experiment and succeed. The household name of Agriya has perfected a thumbtack clone script, Getlancer Quote that matches the utility and functionality of Thumbtack perfectly.

Getlancer Quote

The Getlancer Quote is the perfect thumbtack clone script with enhanced features those are way ahead than the original. It connects service providers with the service requesters in a local region. Peer-to-peer service marketplace is on a rising trend and Getlancer Quote matches all the requirements one need to succeed in their business using this clone script. With the ability to reach out to high-end verticals like sales and marketing, customer service, creative and performance art etc., Getlancer Quote is ever-evolving!

Thumbtack Clone Demo

Demo of Getlancer Quote – Service marketplace script

How do you earn using a Thumbtack clone script, Getlancer Quote?

As a webmaster who have successfully created a marketplace with this excellent clone script, you start earning right away.

• The service providers pay subscription fees periodically or for a single time depending on the type of service they quote to take up and deliver. Once the service is provided and the transaction is made, you receive a fee on every transaction.

• The other form of earnings is through Ad-banner and Ad-captcha

 Make sure they know about you!

Creating a desired website for service professionals using the Getlancer Quote to replicate Thumbtack is only the start. Creating awareness plays one of the pivotal roles in attaining success. There is not a definite strategy when it comes to marketing. Lets discuss what may work in favor of promoting a service marketplace.

Marketing a Website


Bloggers can be the first point of contact to take your website to the market. Start by creating your own blog and be regular in updating it. Reach out to the well-known bloggers to review and write about your business.

Exciting offers to retain loyal customers

Once you have a solid customer base, make sure they are always excited to use your service. Send newsletters explaining the new services to their emails. By doing this, you’re keeping them aware about your business and their importance towards it.

Create your presence in the Social Media

Social media presence improves the chances of creating the brand awareness exponentially. Keep posting regularly about the various promotions and the services. Use the paid advertising feature on social media sites to gather attention among the targeted consumer groups.

Let your customers do their part!

Nothing works better than a good testimony from a happy customer. Create a page with testimonials from the customers you provided service. Over a period time happy customers turn into evangelist for your company and help you reach new heights.


Success stories can be replicated with a proper channeling of knowledge and resources. What we have discussed here are elaborate steps to create a service marketplace like Thumbtack and TaskRabbit. With the help of Getlancer Quote , your success story is already in the making!