It has not been long since customers have chosen to conform with online taxi booking services. Who doesn’t understand the benefits of getting a taxi hired? That too with multiple options choosing your budget, time and destination. By far, online cab booking apps have become friendly tools in the hands of most smart-phone users. This is an exciting trend for online cab booking services across the world. Uber & Lyft are not just dummy names anymore. They are indispensable offerings to the modern man who spends more than half of his life traveling. Then what keeps these apps running is a primal concern.

Here we elaborate the advanced utilities & features that keep these Apps trending:

The Rider App

The Rider App is engraved with the most stimulating features. He can find most of his expectations fulfilled through them. Just for instance, a rider may not find a deal to save profusely by sharing his cab for his regular destinations elsewhere. Similarly, a rider can choose his preferred vehicles based on requirement.

Travel in groups

Group travels can be a cost-effective, time saving and low fuel consuming option for many that too in a lavish cab with all amenities. This is the option any regular traveller wouldn’t like to miss. Over and above, you can avail exciting offers that can keep you going with your saving plans. One of the most trending offers is a ‘share pass’. This is a blessing in disguise for regular commuters.

Save your Destinations

Saving locations can be a life-saviour in busy hours. It quickens your regular booking processes & speeds-up your journey. It is mostly for regular conveyances. For example, you might save your Home, Work-place or your favourite movie theatre and get instant location suggestions on the search tab!

Book your Rides in advance

To book a future ride for a business trip, catching up with a relative, meetings, flights or otherwise, scheduling a ride few minutes ahead is the most thoughtful feature for the benefit of riders. It may cost them a few bucks extra. But getting your ride scheduled in advance will save you a bunch of benefits.

Updating & sharing your Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

The ETA feature will let you update your arrival time and status to your acquaintances. You may share your ride details to your friends, colleagues or relatives to update on your arrival and current status.

Multiple Payment Options

What would be like you just ran out of your wallet money and want to pay in cash? The payment methods used are flexible and adapt to user’s immediate situations. They are not just safe but give the user options and choices.

The Driver App

A Driver App is an app through which the Driver communicates with his customers. It should apparently have adequate features to let him render the expected services. Here we chalk out the attributes of a full-fledged Driver App:

Proficient GPS Trackers & Direction-enabler

A driver is the one who needs constant access to the farthest locations and directions. A robust internet connection and an intelligent GPS tracker is a must have for drivers on the go.

Keeping track of his Payments

The applications record the net earnings of a Driver and let him keep track of the payments he receives. He can automatically get the details from his application. This keeps the driver updated and motivated as well as helps avoid confusion.


A Driver can easily track the nearest fuel station to gather fuel for his car. This is utterly beneficial and time-saving for drivers new to a definite location or area.

Tuning to Music

Applications now are providing drivers with the comfort of playing music as they are on duty. This is a soothing feature to get them going and keep relaxed at the same time.

Taxipickr – Ready-made Uber clone With all the Advanced Features

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Also Agriya keeps on updating the taxi booking script to fix the bugs and introduce new features on par with the existing leaders in the market. Here’s the demo,

TaxiPickr Demo

Final Thought

To ensure a proper online system, it is imperative to have a good choice of Online applications. Online Taxi Booking can be easier with a streamlined App having consistent and advanced features. The important thing for staying successful in the ever-changing digital world is to keep on updating things and making it easier for the end user.

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