Lots of party goers are crazy about enjoying all high beat and rock songs with endless energetic dance performance. This is how electronic dance music (EDM) festival will look like, where numerous popular DJ’s will rock the stage with their best music tracks to cheer up the gathered crowd. This EDM carnival will be long for so many hours harmonically. It gives more entertainment to all. You can use this as an opportunity to start up an extraordinary EDM festival website. Let’s have a deeper look at general procedure to create a website for electronic dance music festival.

Selecting a domain name and server

Domain name is the official address of your website. Do plenty of research to give suitable name for your EDM festival website address. Your domain name should have the following characteristics in it.

  • Use keywords
  • Memorable
  • Short
  • Avoid usage of hyphens and numbers


We recommend you to choose dedicative server which makes you feel safe and secure with regard to all your resources in the website. It also helps to meet your business requirement accurately.

Do necessary research

Research is the most crucial thing for developing a flawless website. You should concentrate on both event and user related features which are all needed to manage the successful EDM festivals website. You should also examine powerful revenue models for running the website profitably.


Smart web designs to your website

Usability is the main purpose of designing a website in the user-friendly way. Design your web pages on CSS3/ HTML5 and make it should quickly respond for every action of your users. Your chosen web design should be compatible for various kinds of devices. Every web design should be well-suited with the coding. It should also have easy accessibility for providing smooth users’ experience from the website.


Plan accurately where to place every feature with respect to its uses in the website. Frame front-end features by considering website members and events. It should provide users with easy navigation for searching, booking and paying money for their tickets in the EDM festival website. Create user-friendly admin interface feature which can help you to access the back-end of the website smoothly.

Robust website development process

Constructing a website from scratch is the most difficult task. You should take care of every minute detail that will give impressive result in the digital world. Every EDM festivals will have thousands of youngsters in the single platform. Likewise, your website will have enormous target audience for booking their tickets.


So, choose the coding platform that has capability of handling huge traffic in your website. Select the suitable development platform and its concerned frame work. Write a coding in such a way that every action button, features and links will perfectly reach the respective web pages in the website. Create the website with utmost concern that the coding is safe, secure and hacker free.

Craft the website with essential payment gateways and language settings based on your target audience. You can also publish the prelaunch mode to your website for grabbing attention of many new potential users.

Test the quality of your website

Before launching the website for EDM festivals in desired region, you should test every function of your website. Examine the website performance in the private beta mode from the potential users. You can check the usability range and ease of your website from the feedback of the users.


Consider every feedback as a prior chance to fine-tune your website with utmost care. It helps to render the top-quality service to the users for booking their ticket easily. After testing your website, it is ready to launch and you can market it in the online world.

What if we provide you a smart solution which has all these things done for you? We will reveal it for you right away.

Smart solution for developing EDM festival website

The above-mentioned process is the difficult method to create a website, but there is one and only smart solution to launch an EDM festivals website. It is a ready-made package which is designed and developed with malware-free coding and comprehensible web designs. It also assists your website with all essential features like complete event management system, secured payment methods, social media networks and numerous revenue making options for smooth functioning of the website.

It is none other than Agriya’s forward-looking ClubPlanet clone script, which helps you to establish a next generation website for electronic dance music festivals within 48 hours and at a reasonable price. This script not only used for EDM festivals website, but also support for any kinds of nightlife events and parties website.