If your website does not appear in Google or if your site page rank drops, then your site could possibly be penalized. Google may penalize you for various issues like duplicate content, hidden text and hidden links. Most often, it will penalize you by reducing the site page rank. In case of any serious issue, Google will ban your site.

The issues are nothing but the SEO techniques that doesn’t meet Google’s guidelines. It generally refers to Black hat and Grey hat. Whenever Google updates its algorithm, their guidelines may vary.

We have compiled the basic checklist that will help you to get back a dropped site in the SERP.

Check whether your site is indexed in Google. This can be done by providing your site name preceded by the text “site: “, as the search query in the Google search box. If your site is not listed in the result page, it means that your site is not yet indexed.

Google will index a site only when Googlebot accesses the site during any search query. If your site is not yet indexed, then remove the robots.txt from your web server root directory. Even after that if your site is not indexed, check for the following code ‘’ in the home page. This code will not allow Googlebot to index your home page and crawl through the site. If the code exists, remove it from the page.

You can also submit your site to Google. Another effective way to get Google notice your site is link building.

Even after following all these strategies, if your site is not indexed or page rank is reduced, check for the following:

• Over-optimization of your site i.e. more aggressive keyword optimization in meta, title and/or tags or changed link text or structure for optimization.

• Check for hidden text and stuffed keywords in the site pages.

• If you have redirected your site from an old domain to a new one, check whether it is redirected properly.

• Remove any duplicate content.

• Placing unrelated domain links in the footer section of the site pages will be considered as spam. Remove those links.