Is it only the small struggling startup Internet company that desperately uses SEO? There are some who believe this: that established companies do not really need to use SEO. They do, because every reputable company has reputable competitors. Well, what better instance of respectability in a votary for SEO could one ask for then, than the august one of the BBC News site? The company estimates that a third of all visits to the website at BBC News comes from search engines, and it is finally choosing to turn to SEO The BBC plans SEO in this way: each article headline is to have twice as many words, to better help search engines locate it.

So how does a serious organization like BBC News do SEO? All news stories on the website from now on will carry two separate headlines. One of them will be the regular short variety, with about 30 letters in them. These short headlines will appear on the home page, the website index and will appear to cell phone visitors. The SEO one, which will be nearly twice as long, will hold more descriptive words and will be visible to search engines. In a world where most websites are visited via a search engine listing, or by way of Google News, or by Twitter recommendations, SEO has just become the way websites are created these days.

There is just one shortcoming to the use of SEO: the temptation to mangle even flow in an idea , just to bring in the search term as often as possible; or to get greedy, stuffing in important search words whether or not they belong in a sentence. As long as one doesn’t get too greedy, the BBC states, putting in a few extra keywords can only help in making a title more understandable.