We give you all those products you’ve always been looking for, we’re always working hard at giving you the best services and the most affordable prices, and now, we want to help nurture your ideas, we want to help you grow, we want to support you and your genius.

We know there are many of you out there whose minds come up with the most brilliant of ideas, but a lot of you aren’t able to make it happen, maybe because you don’t have the technical support, or the resources, or perhaps, the time. We’re happy to support your idea, if it is something that is sure to make an impact out there.

So if you think you have something, an idea, a plan, a product, anything new that you know is bound to click, we’ll give you all the support you require (for a nominal share in the profits, of course), and you can focus on making your money and growing as an entrepreneur. We may not approve of every idea you come up with, but we assure you we will thoroughly analyse all of them, and support the ones we feel we can. Here’s what we can do for you

If you have an idea, a product you want to launch, we can give you our technical support. Our skilled programmers and dedicated customer support team will help you in all ways they can, to launch yourself. Quite naturally, profits will be split between you and us, and we decide the percentage, based on your idea and the risk involved.

You have a fantastic plan for a new website, but you don’t have the cash. Come to us! Provided we feel your idea is truly unique and something out of the ordinary, we could be your investors and your business advisor. In return, all we’ll take is a part of the company; once again, based on our interpretation of how well the idea is going to work and how much risk we’re willing to take.

What’s more, if you have an idea, but don’t have the time, or maybe even the need or will to develop it, and still want to make money out of it, Agriya just might buy it off of you. Show us that your proposal is unique, and if we feel that it is original enough for us to buy and make it part of our vast offers, we’ll make you a deal.

We respect that you might not want to share your ideas with everyone out there. So if you’ve trusted Agriya with it, it’s not going anywhere else. Get in touch with us asap if you think you have something for us!!