Online appointment booking implies one of the booming concepts among today’s service-based businesses. Manually managing your schedules is a waste of time and resources; on the other hand, automating your appointment management process will eliminate possible human errors, and help you optimize your scheduling operations with utmost efficiency. Moreover, there are a lot of other benefits are involved with using appointment booking software. According to Accenture’s study, 77% of patients prefer online accessibility for booking and cancelling the appointments. And it is predicted that by 2019, 66% of US health care organizations will offer digital self-scheduling systems for their users. Through this article, we intents to answer your query- why appointment booking is crucial for your business?

Flexible Booking

One of the major benefits of incorporating an appointment booking software to manage your schedules is the flexibility it offers. Unlike traditional phone call-based bookings, the customers don’t have to wait for the availability of the doctor/clinic to book their appointments. An online booking system ensures flexibility, allows the users to book appointments at their convenience.

Besides, cancelling and re-scheduling appoint has made easy by automating your scheduling tasks. Since all these tasks will be performed without human interactions, that saves a significant amount of time as well. In addition, doctors can easily access patient information whenever they prefer. On the other hand, patients can add or update their history anytime.

Pre-appointment Notifications

Studies suggest that the missing appointments in the US alone costs over $150 billion every year. Moreover, it can pose serious health threats on patients as well, as it could mean the difference between catching a disease early on or too late. An online booking solution minimizes the possibilities of patients missing out their appointments by sending automated follow-up notifications. However, in addition to the notifying the patients regarding their appointments, you can leverage this pre-appointment alert feature to promote your new services and offers.

Patient Engagement and Retention

It always makes me wonder how limited control a patient has when it comes to traditional appointment booking. All they do is give a phone call and ask whether there is any vacant slot for appointment. And that’s not fair, the patient’s choices were not addressed well in this conventional system of booking. In contrary to this, an online appointment scheduling system allows the patients to book appointments conveniently by considering the availability on the calendar. This improves customer engagement, moreover, they are more likely to stick around. However, data says that 76% of online appointments were booked through the smartphones in the year, this suggests that having an effective mobile strategy is also a cruciality with regards to improving customer engagement. And the quality of the service you offer is similarly important in boosting your customer retention rates.

Discover New Customers

There are several ways in which an appointment solution can support your businesses , However, the most admiring factor is how it can help businesses find new customers. An appointment booking software presents amazing marketing and promotional opportunities to the brands- by leveraging social sharing, one can enhance their chances of getting more appointments. Similarly, by making good use of data insights and the follow-up feature, you can build effective communication with your users and gives them the best offers they can afford giving up. In addition, you can create referral programs and give rewards to those who refer their friends. This is a great way to get mutually benefitted. And is proven effective as many other digital marketing strategies.

Why Partner with Agriya?

Agriya’s contribution to the global software market has always been acknowledged well since we successfully served 1000+ businesses so far. The technological solutions we offer are niche-focused and are the byproducts of keen research and sheer innovation. ABS- the doctor appointment booking solution from Agriya’s premium product line is one of such kind. It incorporates everything you need to streamline your scheduling operations.

Feature Spotlight

  • Simplified Booking
  • AI-infused Search Mechanism
  • Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Analytics and reports
  • Secure Payments
  • Cloudflare Integration


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