Agriya is delighted to share good news to private startups and entrepreneurs of USA. The countdown for title II of “The JOBS Act” comes to an end. This law is applicable to start up and entrepreneurs who want to raise funds using crowdfunding methodology.  We will introduce you to some of the most important facts of this act. Let’s explore them right away.

Publicly Advertise your Fundraising Campaigns

Once this law is passed, the 80 years ban of general solicitation comes to an end. Now private startups and entrepreneurs can publicly advertise their fundraising campaigns. They can use the power of social media to invite people for raising funds.

They can also display banners and hoardings of their fundraising campaign in various cities of the USA. This will help to accelerate the funding process, market their brands, serve as an advertisement, help them to gain more visibility in online and offline world.

Invite only Accredited Investors

Every investor who is taking part in your fundraising campaign should be accredited. It is your responsibility to validate the investors and find the details about them. You can use websites like Angel list and CrowdBouncer to find details about the investors.

Fill Form D for general solicitation

As soon as you plan the medium of advertising your fundraising campaign, fill the form D and provide adequate details in it. You need to fill the form before 15 days of general solicitation. If you fail to follow the rules of this act, you will be banned for raising funds till one year.

How will it Benefit the Crowdfunding industry?

It is forecasted that, by the end of this year crowdfunding platforms will collectively raise more than 6 billion dollars. By the announcement of this law, the demand of crowdfunding websites will grow rapidly. You can extract the maximum essence of this law and use it as an opportunity to enter the crowdfunding industry by using Agriya’s fundraising software.

This script is known for its handsome looks, muscled features and dynamic revenue options. Each element of the script is crafted to provide you various benefits. This will collectively help you to develop a multi-dimensional crowdfunding website. You can use all the options in the script and astonish your competitors with amazing results and popularity. Contact Agriya to enter in the recession free markets of crowdfunding.