The world of online marketing is very vast and sounds very interesting as well. An effective marketing strategy can give an amazing boost to your business. One major part of digital marketing is SEO. It is an acronym for Search engine optimization. This process enhances your website visibility in major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Better results give more visitors. All search engines like unique content which one beneficial for the users. We will give you some cutting-edge tips for mastering on page SEO mechanism.

Know Your Competitors

After you select your clone script, the next step is to find your competitors and analyze them to the core. Start your analysis from viewing the source of the website. It will give various details like meta description, meta keywords and meta title.

Some websites have their meta keywords hidden, do not worry about it. Visit all their pages and collect these details. Also, have a look at their designs, they way they make the users navigate have all this information handy.

Comfort Your Users With Friendly Web Designs

Competitor analysisA clear and crisp web designs welcome the user everyday. Major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo  always look forward for content and designs which adds user friendliness to the website. It is a fantastic strategy for SEO. Your designs should not affect the loading time of the website. The faster it loads the more the users love it. A good design allows the user to navigate the website easily.

Attract Search Engine By Optimizing Keywords

Keyword optimizationAll the searches in the search engines rely on keywords. This makes it very important to optimize the keywords. The first to do is to assume that you are a user and write down the keywords you would search to discover a website. This step will give you many keywords. Remember, we had asked you to make a proper competitor analysis and make a list of keywords used by them. Just compare your keywords with competitor keywords. Check all the keywords in Google keyword tool and filter the highest search keywords. You will get a set of keywords to target for your web page from the filtered list. Get cutting-edge results by using this trick Use the keyword stemming technique to focus on one keyword and get results from two. Target the plural form of the keyword and promote the same. Both singular and plural forms of the keyword will provide better results.

Introduce Your Web Page Through Meta Data

Meta Title: Meta title represents the title of your web page. It is displayed in the title bar of the browser. Write the Meta title in such a way that it should make sense to the user and has the keywords that you are targeting. Google concentrates more on Meta title.

Meta Keywords: These are the important keywords that you are focusing to promote a web page. Search engines like Bing and Yahoo gives more importance to it. Add about 15 keywords which will help you in promoting the web page.

Meta Description: Describe the contents of your web page and summarize it for the user. Try adding the keywords focused on Meta title and Meta keywords. Limit the description to 160 characters.

Utilize the Power of Micro Data for Getting Better Search Results

Micro data is a collection of minute data, which provides more information about a web page. For example, if we are targeting to sell a product, micro data will collect details like product availability, price, review stars and displays it in search results. This technique provides lots of information to the users in the search page, thus it boost the search results. Schema dot org is a vocabulary of micro data. They offer you predefined HTML codes, which can be edited and updated. All these data are shown in the results of the search engine. This concept is known as rich snippets. Once the code is updated major search engines update the details in SERP.

Famous personalities like Bill Gates, Masan Cooley and Thomas Mann agree that the pen mightier than the sword. They consider “content as a king” so, does various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo thinks about it.The search engines look for an original content meant for users and not for robots or machine or search engine crawlers. Follow the guidelines given below.Use simple English.

  • Use simple English
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Avoid duplicate content
  • Use readable fonts
  • Don’t stuff keywords in our content
  • Maintain the keyword density within 2% – 5%

Use H1 Tag

Head tag Major search engines provide search results based the content of the web pages, so it is extremely important to maintain the web page structure. H1 tags can be used to provide a proper structure as well as promote readability. These tags are scanned by search engines and thus they have a higher impact on SEO strategies. Every web page should have content related H1 tags. It is wise to use keywords here, but it should naturally flow with the content and should not look like it is crafted for the search engines.

Optimize your Images
Images can add value to your content, relate to the users and connect them to the content. So use images on your web page. Major search engines can’t read images so we have to use various mechanisms to let the search engines know that we are using content specific images.

Add an Alternate Text
Search engines do not crawl the images, so add up an ALT text with the necessary keywords, so it is visible to the search engines in every instance and also attract traffic from various image based search engines.

Give Appropriate File Name
When an image is added to your content it may have an inappropriate file name. Edit it and give a good file name which can describe the image and be useful for SEO. Use “-” while giving a file name.

Link the Image Through Various Sources
If any web page has a relevant content to the image, then link it. This will promote the image and the alt text.

Circulate Your Users using Rich Anchor Text/ Links
When a group of words is linked to a web page, it is known as Anchor text. These links should naturally flow with the content and have relevant web pages linked to them. These web pages can be internal or external. If your content is good and useful, you may also get back links from other websites. If it is used properly it will attract more traffic to the web page.

For example
We are a professional development company, to know more about our services click here

Can be written as
We are a professional web development company and we offer various web development services

Attract the Search Engine by Amazing URL Optimization

URL optimizationA URL is the most important aspect of SEO. If your URL is optimized in an SEO friendly way, it will help the search engine to locate your web page easily. Let’s see various forms of URL’s. Sometimes URL looks like this http://website.LD/1236561385464x, they are very unappealing to the user instead use a URL format like this http://website.tld/2013/post-name/. This URL makes it easy for the user to relate to the content.

Navigate the Users and Search Engine Through Sitemap

Make a site, user and SEO friendly by adding a site map. It acts like an index of your website and list all the web pages. A user can freely navigate on the site and search engines can read the same. There are two major types of Sitemaps.

HTML Site Map: All the web pages in your website are listed on a page and they are linked as well. This lets the users know about the contents of the site and he can also navigate through them. This adds user-friendliness to your website.

XML Site Map: Some pages from your website might not be indexed by search engines. To make them list and provide the structure of the website it is advised to include a XML site map. This makes the search engines aware of all our web pages and they index them.

Command the Search Engines

Google Robot You can decide which pages you want the search engine to crawl and avoid the rest by uploading a text file called as   Robots.txt in your website root directory.

Avoid Self Duplication by Using the Canonical URL tag

Major search engines read and separately. They both will have the same content. It considers one of them as a duplicate content. In order to avoid self duplication of content use a canonical tag.

Final Word

Just write content for your users without stuffing keywords and give provide them various opportunities to navigate your site. Also, focus on key mechanisms like Image optimization, URL optimization and keyword optimization and relate them with links.Allow the search engines to crawl the web pages you desire and use the power of meta-data and micro data to promote your website in a fantastic way.