A business entrepreneur’s prayer probably sounds something like – Please let there be a load of users visiting my site today! Social networking is the perfect choice for them to drive traffic to their site without spending anything. Social networking is all about building contacts and maintaining relationships with likeminded people. A study from Comscore, states that 78% of UK residents who use the internet regularly use social networks.

Invest your time wisely on the right sites for your business. Spend some time to look at the top networking sites, and figure out which sites you like and are most effective for your business. When social networking techniques are used effectively, it can prove to be a very powerful tool to fetch new business partners, new employees, or simply for building your personal or business presence online.

Start using a social networking site, by preparing an attractive profile page that reflects your business. “The first impression is the best impression”, so concentrate more on your profile page.

Here are some tips to create a winning profile page that makes people want to get in touch and network with you.

• You have to figure out who you are, what your business is, and how you can help others; this will generate more interest and visibility among people. Keep in mind that people are usually in a hurry and they are more likely go to the next site if your profile is too elaborate. Lengthy profiles annoy people, so keep it short and informative.

• You can also include personal information like your qualities, interests, hobbies, family info, etc. It can help you maintain a personal relationship with customers.

• Social networking profiles always allot a space to include a photo of you. Add a photo that shows your face clearly. The main advantage of adding a photo is that it ensures creating quicker connections with visitors, and people tend to immediately connect with someone they can see a picture of.

• Make sure that you leave website and blog links on the profile page, so people can move into your inner circle.

After creating a profile on a social networking site, you can send friend requests to people having interest in things related to your business, and always connect with them. Share information about products and services and give plenty of calls to action such as text that says “click here” or “contact us now”.