Education is the pillar of modern society. it is considered the backbone of future human progress. We envision it as a constant process and so, the future of Education Market is literally immortal. The recent digital invasion into the conventional educational practices has paved the way for a particular stream of digital business we call “ E-learning or Online learning business”. Known contenders like Khan Academy and Udemy has revealed the unknown potential of E-learning industry. They acquired massive success through calculated steps and efficient strategies, they have proved before our eyes, the success.

Ever-growing E-learning Business Scenario – Facts & Statistics

Through these years E-learning has secured a position among the most stable and established digital markets. The recent statistics data justify this fact. At the year of 2016 alone the online learning markets generate an income of $51.5 billion. A year before it was worth around $165 billion, progressing onto $182 billion in 2017 and is expected to hit a $200 billion line by 2023 (approximately $240billion).

E-learning Market Size

The corporate learning market is not an exception as well. It is believed to grow up to 13% per year. It is known that almost 77% of US companies already offer online corporate training for their employees to improve their professional life. Moreover, we are foreseeing a huge ascension in the usage of LMS(Learning management systems) also. 74% of businesses currently use LMS and webcasting. Concisely, these facts and figures stretch to one single point, the potential future of E-learning business.

The Need for an Efficient Online Learning Platform

With growing demand and innovations in modern science, the possibilities of future learning are inestimable. One can explore the impossibles through learning and great imagination. However, since the traditional educational platform has began migrated to digital, the core aspect of any digital education business has become an inclusive E-learning platform.

Build your own Customized Online Learning Platform

The major stumbling block to any new-born online business is prolonged development cycle and the cost associated with the process. Moreover, the uncertainty of the outcome makes it so hard for them to foresee the future possibilities. Keeping with this spirit, Agriya launches a comprehensive online learning solution that enables entry-level businesses to seamlessly deploy an incredible online Learning platform. It allows them to organize the process, they can control and monitor the ongoing operations as well.

Key Features to Integrate with your Online Learning Platform

Since the core purposes of education, the learning, as well as teaching, happens within an online platform, the performance and functioning of the same can directly influence the business success. Here we mention some key aspects, the essential attributes that you should consider integrating with your E-learning platform.

User-intuitive UI for easy navigation

To minimize the complexity and promotes simplicity and value are the core concepts of a user-intuitive design. It is important to make your interface as simple and value-driven as possible to make it easy for the users.

Advanced instructor and user dashboard

Teachers and learners together define the process education. Thus and so it is crucial to delivering similar consideration for both components. Provide a solid admin dashboard for both teachers as well as the learners, help them take control over their actions.

Subscription Pricing Options

Offer flexible subscription pricing options for students. Let them choose from the article lessons and videos by considering the requirement and price.

Search Engine Friendly Approach

One of the major factors that bring crucial difference is your search engine visibility. It will bring no difference if your SEO strategies are not up to the mark. To enable the SEO features is so vital as it can create a great impact on your business.

Feedback and Ratings

Feedback is nothing but helping the business to improve. In another way, it is an active communication channel between the business and the user.

Secure money transactions

This part demands prior attention as it includes the money factor. Provide an authentic payment gateway to ensure flawless transactions.

Set up an in-depth learning platform with Udemy clone script

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Final Thoughts

It is predicted that by 2019 at least 50% of all classes will be taken online. It means one-half of the conventional educational practices will extinct soon. Don’t you consider this as a great possibility? Do some serious research, gain some knowledge on the ins and outs of E-learning business. Set up an efficacious learning platform, take your chances and take off.

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