We often ignore mundane tasks such as house cleaning, packing and moving, repairs etc, as these are simple, could be time-consuming, as well as exhausting. But in the present day scenario, technology has helped us in tackling these issues with ease. Platforms such as Task Rabbit, Thumb Tack have established a name for themselves in their respective regions they were operating. So what makes these service marketplaces successful? let’s have some insights into their business model & the features needed to create a successful service marketplace

Website outline

For service marketplace, the focus should be more on the layout of the web page which should be user-friendly and should target users of all ages. Let’s have a glance at some of the necessary aspects


This is one of the most critical areas of the website, as it constitutes the Central Hub. Most of the users spend time logging in, so to ensure user engagement, only relevant information should be provided on the website interface.To discover a nearby task, the selection criteria which is based on an algorithm must be introduced. A careful analysis of other websites has helped us in realizing that sub-categories in the dashboard need to be highlighted all the time, this will make it easier for the users to search for the freelancers.


A personalized user experience is vital to keep up with the expectations of the users. Therefore it’s highly imperative to develop and add creative banner image greetings while the user is opening their website. In terms of the detailing, the first fold of the website must be kept simple. The focus should be limited to details such as Login or sign up.

User guidelines

Many start-ups and new players in the niche market segment follow their set of guidelines. It is essential to keep these guidelines as it will help the new users get accustomed to the website. User guidelines should be given on the home page itself. This will give a clear depiction of the website and also help the new users get familiarized themselves.

Sign up-process

The sign-up process is the most vital part of any online portal. Since users can get easily distracted and lost in this process, it is better to keep the entire process simple and easy. Users can be offered multiple ways of account creation such as sign-up via Facebook or through a Gmail account.

Business and Revenue Model

Business models for service marketplaces vary, but only slightly. The workflow is simple and easy to understand even for the novices. First, the customer/user posts the project along with its details. The project will be sent across to a number of service professionals. They have to pay a certain amount as a premium to the admin before he can contact the customer. Once the service professionals contact the customer, he will complete the work according to the stipulated time.

The revenue model is unique, the service professionals or in other words professionals pay to contact customers through a credit system., these are used by the service professionals to send quotes to the customers. service professionals have to just pay for the quote. At the start they are given a 10 quote package at a discount package of After those first 10 quotes, service professionals can choose which ever is the best credit package for them. The number of credits required to send a quote differs depending on the type of service requested. You can create service marketplace like Thumbtack using this business and revenue model.

Payments and how do they work?

The so-called Hourly rates are normally fixed and the freelancers/taskers post their hourly rates so that users can easily figure out how much each task will cost and the number of hours they will take to roughly complete. Depending on their needs and their availability they can hire their best freelancer for the task. The platform usually charges a service fee for every task undertaken. In order to clear out all the doubts, it is important to provide all the relevant information on the website itself. The dedicated section of payment should clearly define-

  • Service charges
  • Hourly charges
  • Secure cashless payments
  • Cancellation policy

Profile creation and Background verification

Profiles can be created depending on whether you are the taskmaster or just the freelancer/tasker. If you are creating a freelancer profile it’s better to keep it sleek and simple, rather than elaborating it and keeping it like a resume.

Information to be included-

  • Profile Picture
  • Social Media integration
  • Tasks undertaken
  • Charges per hour
  • Task proficiency
  • About/Bio
  • Review column

People tend to employ freelancers who are genuine and trustworthy. Building a trustworthy connection with users is your top priority. You can even ask your local service providers and existing customers to vouch for you and your services.
Background information can include the following details

  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Social Security Number
  • Bank details etc

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