After being involved in a series of evolving processes, from manual, logistics- and mechanization-focused optimization to a modern, digital, and automated integration, logistics has finally met a novel standard of utmost efficiency, precision, and simplicity. However, logistics have always been an integral segment of business. It serves them by efficiently managing the process of goods transportation from origin to the end-user via various supply chain network segments. Besides, it plays a crucial part in consumer satisfaction and credibility, thus and so, optimizing the supply chain operation has become a matter of essentiality. In fact, the standard of quality is intertwined with logistics as well. Since it includes physical distribution, material handling, packaging, warehousing, freight transportation, sales order processing, inventory planning and production planning, it can form an impact on the overall business credibility.

Challenges and Adversities faced by Logistics Industry

As the demands and expectations inflated, new and new challenges have also risen. The traditional logistic management approach wasn’t enough to confront those disputes. Since the competition has also increased, providing an ordinary service seemed to be insufficient. Delayed delivery, inadequacies in products or service, etc.,  can cause severe damage to the reputation. Moreover, the traditional way of managing logistics services has failed to deliver the clarity of dispatch-related information. Tracking the current status of dispatch items was impossible. Besides, the information in accordance with storing the goods, space required for the same etc was obscure. To deliver a quality logistics service without a transparent mode of operation is hardly possible. This is when the data-driven, automated supply chain management system came into play. Many big players in eCommerce industry have already adopted this new-age, digital logistics management system. Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay are just a few among them. Agriya offers logistics software development assistance to enterprises who seek similar supply chain management solutions to upgrade their logistics operations. We, Agriya always strives to bring the most out of our development strategies and approaches, moreover, immerse ourselves in ever-changing technological advancements to stay ahead of the curve.

Overcoming the Limitations of Conventional Logistics System with Modern-day Supply Chain Management System

The three major components of a business logistics system incorporate order processing, inventory management, and freight transportation. Hence, an efficient logistics management system should be capable of handling all three of these processes with greater precision and effectiveness. Not only that, it must be able to surpass all the limitations of existing systems. Below mentioned the benefits of a new-age supply chain management solution over the conventional methods.

Efficient Shipping Operations

Unlike traditional methods, the modern, digital logistic management system ensures maximal efficiency and precision throughout its operations. As the shipping and gasoline prices rise, it makes it hard for businesses to cope with this drastic change. The new digital logistic allows businesses to automate the process, helps them manage the transportation-related data and thus delivers clarity, moreover, enables them to make informed decisions based on the data collected. Besides, it substantially improves the delivery speed and also let them choose between most efficient shipping options. Provided the route maps for shipments, by streamlining the paper works, load planning and tendering to carry, the rationalized system drives more value to the businesses.

Enhanced Customer Service

Customer service can never be neglected as it is an integral part of any business. The delayed delivery, disputes in quality and service can unfavor your efforts to deliver a world-class service to your potential customers. An advanced supply chain management solution can handle the entire logistics operations and thus guarantee a flawless service to your beloved customers. Not only that, a quick diagnosis of issues related to logistics can help businesses resolve the same suddenly before it causes irreversible effects.

Improved Compliance Rates

Yet another benefit of a systematized supply chain management system is enhanced compliance rates. By centralizing the rates and contracts within an electronic database, which deliver access and innovative decision support tools all in one place, it leverages the negotiated lanes and preferential terms set for a business. Soon after entering the data, the logistics software will showcase the information for all carriers and modes, that allows employees to pick the best rate for a specific shipment.

Liability and Risk Management

Businesses have to assess the liabilities as well as the risks in an efficient manner. They must keen look into the known and unknown problems, and how those affect the ultimate outcome. Few of these issues include the quality of goods, the workplace safety and many more. Having a clear idea about these situations via analyzing the data provided by supply chain softwares can help managers assess and calculate the risk associated with it. Ultimately, this help businesses with minimizing the risk and covering the liability of the organization.

Streamline your Logistics Operations with Agriya’s Premium Software Solution

Agriya, an eminent Mobile Application Development Company has a very well-known reputation for deploying industry-focused software solutions. They have succeeded in delivering several many inventive software solutions for industries such as education, on-demand services, food delivery and much more. So as to aid businesses efficiently manage and organize their logistics operations, Agriya have introduced an unrivaled taxi booking software, which can either be integrated into your business as a logistics management software or can be employed to run a taxi booking business as well. It is designed to meet the needs of both and can be very helpful in optimizing your business process.


The global logistics market is prospering day by day. The demands and needs of this particular market are rising substantially as well. In order to leverage the potential challenges and to overcome the competition, enterprises have to engage the most-efficient supply chain management system. Through acting systematically and by automating the functions associated with logistics,we can deal with the rising disputes in the market.

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