From the brilliant work our ingenious designers, we brought to you Rayzz, the ultimate video sharing software. We gave you the perfect complete package with video sharing, photo sharing, blogging, great audio, a platform for social networking; everything that could possibly on one such website, and quite naturally, it’s doing exceedingly well, as we continue to satisfy customer after customer.

But we understand that some of you don’t need every feature that Rayzz offers, so for all those of you who love our product but feel it’s too expensive for the kind of basic features you want, we bring to you the younger, smaller, lighter (but equally attractive) sibling of Rayzz, suitably named (and yes, our creativity has taken a holiday) Rayzz Lite.

Rayzz Lite offers you video, photo and blog modules and is specially designed for webmasters who want to run a website focusing on the videos and sharing them. It offers features of video playback, sharing, embedding, and user commenting and rating. Members can also share photos and blog. Profiles can be changed according to users’ requirements.

Features like playlists and quicklinks are available, and on mouse over of the video thumbnails, other scenes of the video can be viewed.

We may have deleted some of features for this Lite version, but we don’t compromise on quality, after sales services and customer satisfaction. Since you’re already familiar with our ultra popular software, you know you are dealing with the right people to give you exactly what you want. You asked for it, we’re giving it to you – Something that is going to satisfy your needs, and something that fits your budget too!

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