What distinguishes the modern humans from primitives is our ability to invent, innovate and modify the situations we encounter. Our ancestors had a very difficult time fighting and comprehending the diseases of ancient times, but we’ve come much further from those times. Today we have access to advanced types of medical equipment that are capable of diagnosing and treating some of the deadliest medical conditions ever known to humanity.

However, one of the biggest challenges we have lately seen was the lack of an efficient system that ensures healthcare access to everyone; for everyone is worthy and has the right to get the benefits of advanced medicine. Agriya’s upgraded Doctor appointment software has the potential to make it possible; it helps healthcare organizations to better manage their appointments, also facilitates the recipients by providing an efficient platform that helps them plan and schedules their medical appointments without any hassle.

ABS – A Comprehensive Upgrade that Reforms Every Aspect of Appointment Scheduling

From a business perspective, what is the scope of an appointment booking software? This was the question we asked ourselves while planning to deploy an advanced scheduling software. And through constant research and analysis, we realized that the demand is massive and the market is at the peak than ever before. In fact, the industry is growing at a CAGR close to 10%. Agriya’s premium appointment scheduling solution is clearly niche-focused and incorporates everything that is needed to streamline your business operations. Try the demo,

Appointment Booking Solution Demo

Facilitate Diverse Healthcare Business Verticals

Unlike conventional automated appointment scheduling systems, our ZocDoc script is ideal for a numerous range of healthcare verticals. Apart from the patients, doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Diagnostics Centers or even Volunteers can create a profile and make use of the platform. So, for instance, it doesn’t matter whether you are a health expert practising individually or an organization such as a health centre or a diagnostic centre, our first-rate solution can rationalize your appointment scheduling operations in such way it benefits you and the patients as well.

Scheduling Made Easy

Unlike any other business niches, healthcare requires a much precise and effective approach. This must reflect not just in the diagnosis and treatment part, but in every facet of the same. This is why we made a conscious decision to simplify the interface and thus render a much easier and sophisticated appointment booking scenario. Apart from the easy UI/UX design, navigation and the smart search mechanism, it is possible to add to sub-accounts. These specific user accounts are given the privilege to take part in appointment scheduling operations as well.

Taken a Clear Stand on User Privileges

When it comes to any business, the most valuable business are users. And this is why we must bring value to their lives, also do everything to keep them engaged. Our advanced ZocDoc script is an adequate solution for any user-focused health care business; we have made sure utmost user experience and satisfaction by immersing ourselves in a handful of user benefiting operations.

  • Flexible authentication options to keep it simple
  • Separate user profiles for users; they can modify the information anytime they want
  • Included Daily/weekly calendar views to bring forth the best scheduling outcome
  • Add/modify the medical history easily
  • Given the option to add family members
  • Book lab test from diagnosis centres, also view the same anytime
  • Provide feedback and reviews based on the service received

Effective Attributes to Support Business Expansion

Even though healthcare is not similar to other profit-seeking businesses, the possibilities of expansion should not be taken for granted, even in healthcare. Because the business expansion has this sunny side that it can carry the benefits to more people. This is exactly how it needed to be done by today’s healthcare businesses. Agriya’s smart appointment booking software facilitates effective business growth by allowing the clinics/hospitals to add more branches, cities, doctors or even specialities as per their requirements. Also, since the platform supports multiple languages, it wouldn’t be much harder to incorporate international users as well.

Revised Revenue Stream to Guarantee the Best ROI

Doesn’t matter how service minded we are, money always comes first. And this why we introduced a novel subscription-based revenue stream. So, how is it different from the previous one? Unlike other income generation schemes, this one is much more stable and is proven effective in terms of scalability, increased valuation and stronger customer relationships. Moreover, a subscription-based model ensures a much stable mode of income.

An All -encompassing Ready-made Script for Accelerated Deployment

Out of all the features and advantages mentioned, the most alluring one would be the fact that the solution we provide is a ready-to-go script. In fact, it can be easily engaged and transformed into a matured appointment booking platform within a short period of time. And so it eliminates the complications of developing the platform from the scratch, a great deal of money can also be saved. Moreover, this software is customizable, hence you can make needed modifications to meet your specific needs as well.

Final Words

Agriya has been one of the key players in the software industry since the year 2000. We also have an excellent track record of deploying efficient web and mobile platforms that transcended the face of several businesses. Our new upgraded appointment booking solution is one of that kind; for it can actually help you manage the entire appointment scheduling process and thus ensures greater efficiency and saves a lot of time too.

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