Social networking has become a part of our living. Connecting with people, sharing moments and lives with our loved ones has never been this easy. Moreover, it has given enormous possibilities for businesses to grow, to reach and influence people with their innovative ideas. However, as for now, the number of global social networking users has surpassed 2 Billion and the average social network penetration rate has reached 37%. In further years, a rapid growth is expected both in terms of usage and business. Hence and so, Agriya introduces a Premium Social Networking Solution to aid businesses, facilitate them to put on an excelling social media platform from the scratch.

Exquisite software Solution for a Complete Social Networking Experience

In the midst of all those social media sites in the market, what make you the best among those? In fact, almost every social media networks share some common characteristics. But to excel and to lead, one should innovate and should be ready to deliver more by breaking the norms. Agriya’s online social networking solution give similar recognition for users as well as businesses. We have analyzed the demands of both parties and categorized the attributes considering the varying requirements of both.

Share Videos and Photos Seamlessly

Users can share their life’s moments with photos and videos. Agriya’s in-depth solution allows them to share their favorite pictures or video clips easily without any hassle. Through updating the stories, through engaging with your loved ones, you will bring to life the moments.

Photo/video Enhancement Options

Given basic filtration options for users to enhance the photos/videos they share. This is incorporated to deliver a personalized touch to the user’s posts. Users can do some quick edits, apply some default filters to develop a new makeover.

Streamlined Website Navigation

A seamless and easy navigation should be a priority for every social media business. The most important factor in social networking is never let your user search hard for anything. Make it simple, be predictable, give them the reason to stay. The rationalized navigation integrated within Agriya’s social networking solution facilitates users to experience the most out of the social media portal.

Robust Privacy Settings

Users can define their audience, they can choose what to show on their timeline and to whom the post should be shared. Hence by offering complete freedom to choose their privacy options, users can indulge in delightful social networking. Moreover, advanced security options are integrated to prevent privacy violations.

Ratings and Feedbacks

Users can give constructive feedback about the platform. They can provide their suggestions and expectations, which will help businesses to further improve their platform. Moreover, reviews and feedbacks play a crucial role in elevating the reputation and reach of a social media business.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Businesses can control, and monitor the user-side operations with the help of an advanced admin panel. They have access to user-related data, security and so much more. The solid admin dashboard included in Agriya’s foremost solution allows business to better manage the whole process efficiently.

Social Media Advertising Options

Similar to other social media platforms, Agriya’s online social networking solution offers businesses the opportunity to run ads. Thus, generating an income on a regular basis. Admin can manage the advertising options and have total control over the process.

Automated Analytics

Businesses can measure the outcome of their effort by utilizing the ‘intelligent insights’ feature. It gives a clear idea of how users behave, how much time they spend on the platform and what all actions they take on the platform. Further, it influences the process of decision making the big time.

Instant Alerts and Notifications

Admin can send alerts and notifications regarding security, login requests and so. It helps users to take right actions at the right time.

The ready-made script of social networking solution is available for download. Here you can Download Social Networking Solution.


 Social media has already proven its worth in recent years. Whether it is for business or for personal affairs, social media can be very effective. Agriya’s first-rate social networking solution is an exceptional online solution that integrates many useful attributes, accommodate all kind of users through a systematized approach. Thus and so, it signifies the best ready-made solution for startup businesses to kick-start their own social media business. Get hands-on Agriya’s social networking solution today! Make the most out of your social media business.

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