The iPad is the latest “wow” gadget from Apple and like the iPod and iPhone before it, it’s likely to kick-start an entirely new market which bridges the gap between smartphones and netbooks. The iPad runs a similar operating system to the iPhone but since it is bigger and more powerful it can run larger and more resource intensive applications (or apps, to use the industry buzz word). You can essentially think of it as an overgrown iPhone.

The iPad has the same multi-touch and accelerometer technology as the iPhone and so many of the application functionality designed for the iPhone can be used in the iPad. Given that Agriya already has experience in iPhone Application Development, we have begun offering iPad Application Development and welcome any enquiries or questions about this new service.

Even though the iPad has recently launched and has almost created a new market by itself, analysts are expecting anywhere between 2 million and 4 million units to be sold in 2010 and since the iPad can handle much more powerful and robust applications, the price tag for the apps can be increased significantly.

Although any iPhone applications will work on the iPad since they share the same iPhone SDK, they can be shown at the original size (which will look small on the iPad) or full screen which will distort the graphics. The best option, and one that many companies are choosing, is to port iPhone apps to the iPad. Agriya can also help with iPhone to iPad ports.

So if you are looking for iPad Apps Development, get in touch with Agriya, we’ve got the experience and expertise to transform your idea in to a fully working iPad app.

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