There is an enormous amount of discussion going on in major forums like and that Google is updating its PageRank (PR) right now. A few webmasters are saying that they found changes in page ranks of their sites.

If there is a PR update going then then it will come as a surprise to some of the people since that last update had only just taken place in the middle of Jan 2008.

It is often predicted that a Google PageRank update usually takes place once every 3 months. However it had been confirmed by most of the webmasters that pr update is happening and they have named this update as “Update Q2 2008” (not sure how they figured we are in Q2 in February).

Sometimes even though your PR has been updated for your site the updated PR won’t shown in the google toolbar. If this is the case for you, then just follow these simple steps and check again you will find that actual pr of your site;

For those who want to see the new values in their Toolbar:

On Windows XP

Navigate to C:/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc

Open the file HOSTS with Notepad, then at the very bottom on a new line put:

(our thanks to “sweetfunny” of DigitalPoint forums for this tip).

Check out the images below to show how our forum has gone from a PR 4 to a PR 5 after using the advice above…

old pagerank of agriya forums

And the new one…

new pagerank of agriya forums

So hopefully, if this holds, we’ll have another PR 5 page on our site – yay!