We always knew that 2010 was a special year for Agriya with the incredible growth driven by our indemand GroupDeal and FP Platform products, but it was only recently that we realized just how popular Agriya had become on the world stage.

There is a data metric from Alexa which attempts to rank all the websites in the world based on the amount of traffic each site gets. Now there is a little caveat here because the way Alexa generates this data is from people downloading their (and their partners) toolbar which logs each site the person visits. This data is then extrapolated to give a best guess estimation on the real amount of traffic a website receives. If a website has a traffic rank of over 100,000 then Alexa says that the data is not reliable enough, but as you approach the #1 spot the accuracy increases as they are able to use a larger sampling of data.

The graph below shows how Agriya has experienced explosive growth in traffic (and hence sales) in 2010 where we have nearly doubled the amount of people that are visiting our site (and our Google Analytics broadly correlates to the data in the graph below).

Agriya Achieved Explosive Traffic Growth In 2010

Agriya Achieved Explosive Traffic Growth In 2010

So how does that make us more popular than the big Indian IT companies? If we compare the traffic rank of Infosys, Wipro, TCS and HCL – which are the largest IT companies in India and dominate the enterprise market and have multi-million dollar contracts with the biggest companies in the world – then you can see that Agriya.com outranks all of them!

Traffic Comparison For Agriya

Agriya beats all the major IT companies in terms of traffic

Agriya is becoming a major brand in its own right with over 500 people around the world searching for the company each and every week. Referrals and personal recommendations are part of the main driving forces behind the increased brand awareness but the media has played a large role with the likes of the Wall Street Journal singling out Agriya as a provider of group buying software and the BBC interviewing the owners of TipToken, another group buying website developed by Agirya.

Of course, such massive growth doesn’t come without some growing pains and Agriya is working very hard to ensure that all customers are getting the best possible service. We’ve recently added 4 new staff to the sales and support team and training them up as fast as possible to take on the extra workload.

The graph below shows just how much the brand awareness of Agriya has grown in the last 16 months. In December 2009 there were less than 200 people a week who wanted to find out more information about Agriya, now that has more than doubled to over 500 people a week.

Agriya Search Volumes

Agriya\’s Brand Awareness Has More Than Doubled in 16 Months

So, given that Agriya is more popular and better known than some of the biggest companies in India and that thousands of customers have trusted us to build their website, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you with your next web development project.