Search engine optimization is essential for getting top ranks in major search engines. We know that implementing optimizing strategies effectively will help us get loads of traffic and higher rankings in Google. What about Yahoo and MSN? Is it really worth optimizing your site for Yahoo and MSN? Let’s take a detailed look at it.

Optimizing site for Yahoo:

According to one study, 25% searches are done through Yahoo. It means that if your site is not coming up on Yahoo, you will lose 25 percent of your potential visitors.

The following things are the current generalized specifications to achieving better rankings in Yahoo.

The yahoo search engine gives more importance to keyword density. Placing right keywords in the content is very important. Use keywords in link text, while linking pages to each other. Remember keywords with catchy titles will attract maximum number of readers.

Sometimes, Yahoo may fail to index dynamic pages so try to have static pages with keyword-rich content; it will increase the rank of your site on Yahoo. If you have some important dynamic pages on site, prepare a site map or quick links with links to all Web pages. This will help the Yahoo spider to crawl all your pages.

Try to avoid using frames on your site, as Yahoo spider finds it difficult to crawl them.

Optimizing site for MSN:

Optimizing for msn can certainly increase your site rankings on MSN. If your site has fresh & original content that is being added regularly, you can receive tons of traffic to your site.

In order to get better search engine ranking on msn, you have to follow the MSN search engine optimization rules.

Don’t forget that MSN is a keyword sensitive search engine. If you have strong keyword density throughout Title, Description and Keyword Tags, MSN will reward your website with strong search engine rankings. Keep in mind that, you have to place your most important keywords in the title. Keyword rich link text helps in good msn ranking.

You ought to add fresh content on a regular basis to your site so that you can get top rankings on MSN.