Do you think it is worth using paid links to achieve top page rank? Before answering this question please read this, Google is against the paid link during indexing and at the same time it offers Google Adsense through which webmasters can build link for a fixed pay. Why does this controversy exist in Google? Is paid link really fruitful for website optimization? This article will clearly explain the link concept followed by search engines to rank sites, and at the end you will find the answers to these questions.

Most of them know that Google ranks websites under organic and inorganic search ranking. Do you know how it categorizes them? It is simple, if a website is well optimized using SEO techniques like press release, article submission, directories submission, forum, blog etc without using paid links, then Google will place the website under the organic search ranking. If a website is promoted mostly through the paid links, then the corresponding website will be listed under the inorganic search ranking.

Websites covered under the Organic and Inorganic search rankings are displayed at the left and right sides of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), respectively. Most often, users trust a website, if it is listed in the organic listing.

With this explanation, you may conclude that the paid link is fruitless. But this is not true; Google will accept the links purchased for advertising purpose and it is purely against the links that are purchased for the purpose of getting high PR and that are part of the planned link exchange program.

Obviously, you can use Google Adsense for advertising purposes, and gain top ranking. Not only Google, you can also buy text advertisements from someone else to achieve better results in search engines.
Apart from the paid links, you can also build links by exchanging links with sites offering useful information for your site visitors. If your site has enough useful information, then other similar sites will be ready to place your site link without link exchange.

To put it in the nut shell, getting the paid links for advertising purpose will drive targeted traffic and help you achieve high PR.