In case you haven’t noticed, in the last 12 months or so Agriya’s products have focused on building community frameworks where you connect two groups of people for a symbiotic relationship. GroupDeal connected merchants with consumers, FP Platform connected service providers and buyers, Flipit connected website sellers with website buyers, CoupReseller connected people with unwanted coupons with those that wanted the coupons and now we have BuySell – the ultimate eCommerce website to connect product sellers with customers.

For example: Homeinout, the best online marketplace site for household products and home appliances in India had been developed with the help of this BuySell software.

BuySell works a lot like an Etsy clone, but it goes far beyond what Etsy is and offers. While Etsy focuses on awesome high quality handmade items, BuySell can be used to sell any kind of product that the admin wants. The way it works is that you create the eCommerce infrastructure with your BuySell powered website and then other people who want to sell their products can sign up for a store on your site and start selling to customers within minutes.

It doesn’t matter what type of product you want to sell, BuySell has been built with flexibility in mind to allow you to sell tangible products like furniture or cameras and even digital products like MP3′s, Photos and Videos. If you plan to sell tangible products, your merchants will have almost limitless options to customize the attributes of the products they are selling.
etsy clone script


BuySell Comes With a Clean & Generic Default Design

We have also designed the software to be as automated as possible, the whole idea about providing the infrastructure is that it lets each party focus on what they are good at: merchants provide the products and you provide the promotion and marketing for the website. To that end, BuySell uses the highly advanced PayPal Adaptive Payments system to streamline the payments process. When a customer buys a product from your site the payment is automatically split in two so that you receive your commission for the sale and the merchant receives their payment minus commission. This happens instantly behind the scenes so the customer never knows that the money is being sent to two different accounts.

This instant split payment system means that the merchants never have to request a withdrawal from your site and have liquid cash immediately after the sale has been made. If the product is refunded at a later date the money in both the admin and merchant account is taken automatically.

BuySell will literally help you build a business by leveraging the collective power of the crowd. By encouraging other people to list their products you simply need to take care of the marketing and promotion of the website and collect commissions on every product that is sold.

Discover more about BuySell with our online demo, the details are provided below

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You can purchase BuySell right now and if you have a verified PayPal account you can download the software immediately after you have confirmed your account.