A website is not a standalone entity. Many factors contribute to its working. CMS, most popular short term for content management system forms an integral part of every website. It is a structure which allows people to publish, and manipulate the contents of a website.

Open source customization services are widely established methods for developing websites and applications. One of the vital facets of open source content management system is that it is accessible to everyone who wishes to customize contents of a website. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are some of the well developed open source CMS platforms. Here let us check out some of the vital aspects as well as the merits of open source CMS in general.

Free Access

As the title indicates open sources are free of cost in terms of most services they offer. Everyone in this world likes free products with quality services. Open source platforms are driven by the community support and users get the latest updates quickly without paying any cost.


The basic codes of all open CMS are free, and assistance provided by the community is also huge. Thus, maintaining an open source is practically costless while considering other paid CMS.


Customization can be done at any levels for the frequent and free availability of codes. The developers can set the codes for any kinds of web development or content editions.

Massive Sharing of Data

Open CMS comes with all the capabilities of sharing massive data. This feature is extensively used by large companies. The sharing of data helps the users to limit the production cost, development time. The total productivity of the companies can be boosted within minimum time with this massive data sharing capability of open CMS.


Take the case of XML, it has great extensibility. Developers can personalise open source CMS with greater integration. It can be easily linked with other software.

Possibility of Trail Runs

Developers get options to try open source CMS before installing it fully. It helps them to identify the advantages and select the best platform. After installing a particular framework, developers can even look for refinement with the help of community support, as well. Trail runs offer developers more freedom with Open CMS.

Superior Error Solving Options

Errors are possible to arise with codes so frequently, but with open source CMS, a developer gets ideal options to resolve all errors. The easiest way to solve errors is by linking it with the community. The open source codes get fast solutions for resolving errors.

Bringing it All Together

It is all the way right that open source codes have immense possibilities to customize, and developers receive greater chances of creating lively websites as well as applications. Still there are some security lapses, and issues of reliability with open source codes. Then the purpose of organisations comes to the front while selecting an open CMS. However, for creating websites, and applications, open CMS platforms are extensively utilized by organisations all over the world.