AngularJS is the most favoured web development framework opted by AngularJS development Companies. It helps developers who are keen on evolving versatile websites for their projects. The outcomes are usually awesome and that’s what calls for an increased usage of AngularJS framework.

Besides the right choice of a framework, it is equally pertinent to choose the right tools complementing the framework. There are a large number of tools to supplement Angular JS development. We list them out here for your convenience. You can explore the list of efficacious tools to enhance your productivity:

Mean: MEAN is an enormous combination of MongoDB, Node.js,  Express and Angular Applications. It is a popular and technologically driven framework which is opted by most developers who make use of AngularJS framework. It is the most incredible tool in the list.

Sublime Text: An astounding text code editor, Sublime Text is in fame among developers for its ease and utility. This is the most preferred text editor among the rest. 

Karma: Karma, a test runner tool for AngularJS is among the most preferred tools for renowned Developers. It endows you with an apt environment and lets you test your app on real browsers and devices. It also saves you from the exaggerations and unnecessary complications. It avoids bothering you with ambiguous configurations and gets you a simple code and the necessary responses.

Protractor: Protractor is for end to end testing of the AngularJS development. As the functionality suggests, it allows seamless and effortless testing of your application. Further, it gets the events tested automatically without letting you wait for the next event.

WebStorm: Webstorm supports JAvascript, HTML, CSS and even more. It is indeed the best and most adequate Javascript IDE. It’s powerful system of navigation combined with ingrained features for detecting errors.

Jasmine: It is a behaviour driven testing framework for javascript. It is famous almost everywhere javascript runs. It is independent of Browsers and other frameworks. It is particularly suitable for any Node.js projects.

AngularJS UI: It enables faster building up of applications and is a collection of UI components. It prefers ui-router, ui-calender etc to widgets.

AngularGetText: If you have been looking for a simple translation tool then this is the right place for you. It is the best tool for translation for AngularJS seen so far.

Videogular: Videogular is the best utility tool that lets you combine multimedia elements with ease in your application.

Angular Seed: This is an application skeleton for AngularJS applications. It instantly bootstraps the angular webapp projects and allows painless updating of seed tasks of existing projects.

Final Thought

 We have enlisted the topmost tools on a priority basis considering the current market requirement and demand. If you are upgraded with AngularJS development or are an existing AngularJS Developer then you can shoot ahead with your project. Agriya, a renowned web development company utilizes AngularJS for developing precise and most preferred applications with this amazing framework and popularizes in building up of instant creative solutions for many a number of enterprises. You can get your hands on these solutions too for a better experience and an instant remedy for your personal enterprises.