“Want everything served on a platter? Fill the Gap with a food ordering App!”

The current era is witness to the ever-increasing number of web-apps cramming the digital space to bolster the food market. Catching digital space for your restaurant has become as crucial for your business as drawing your menu-card. In a nutshell, the more you are available on food apps, the more you could be growing. You feel its true? Of course Yes. Owing to the insurmountable customer base, this is undeniable! For instance, the online food delivery market in  India has registered a startling growth rate of 150% in the year 2016 amounting to approximately $300 million US.

What makes Food-Apps super-cool?

Most of the online food ordering software today are well-aligned to the customers’ most reasonable expectations.You will be amazed to discover that almost every application succumbs to your basic needs.You can get the most trending hotels and food- parks in your area, delivering the hottest meals with the spiciest customer reviews  lined up on your palm. Also, there are loyalty coupons and promo codes to further add to your delight. I swear by it. Its no less than a genie!

Location-Specific Cuisines

You can locate every place by its aroma with the help of your food-genie.This is the most luscious feature on these handy and trendy apps.They try to locate you and help you find the best spot specific to that country or region and order a location-specific meal. Further if you are still more particular about your choice, these apps can guide you through a whole list of location-specific cuisines available at your place.

Cuisine-Specific Locations

Sounds crazy right? It won’t as you read through the lines. Every location has some specialties to make you crave for more. You might be yearning for the same platter you relished may be miles off  your office. All you can do is just log into your mobile application, select the cuisine you are looking for and find the complete set of food-zones offering you the same.

 Customized Meals

 It is vital for every customer to sit and chalk down his unique preferences. For this, most of the food ordering scripts have checklist options which can be fed manually. The choices may be as specific or simple, for instance, you may not want that extra dose of Mayonnaise or may be pepper gives you hiccups. You can feed almost all your dietary specifications there.

Promotional codes, offers & discounts

A home delivery not only saves time, fuel and energy but also adds to customer-delight. An ardent follower of food-apps is liable to huge discounts and offers like wallet offers, offers for new users, referrals, bank transaction offers, midnight offers etc .Well this is simple Maths! A lot of cost and space is saved as the customer orders online. Certainly he deserves a pat for this! Right?

  • Wallet offers– Food Apps have payment options through Digital wallets like Paytm, PayuMoney, Mobikwik, Citrus and Oxigen which in turn offer huge discounts to the user.
  • New User Offers –First time users are liable to discounts and cash -backs.
  • Referrals –Referring a friend or an associate could earn you a huge discount.
  • Bank Transaction Offers –  There can be discounts up to 5% or more for transactions through specific Bank Accounts.
  • Loyalty coupons- A Loyal customer is liable to huge discounts and offers

Express Delivery system

Most apps may offer you to try their express delivery option. This gets you going with an assured  on time delivery of your favorite meal, thereby solacing your hunger pangs. Food Panda’s ‘45 minutes Express Delivery system’ is a befit example.

Customer Remarks & Reviews

This is an invaluable guide for any novice customer. Every customer feeds in his remark and experience in the food app making it hassle-free for the next one on queue. Never neglect this feature lest you should regret burning your fingers!

Final thoughts

Serving delicacies at your doorstep to tingle your foodie palate, is no less of a commendable job, hats off to these intelligent apps. It boils down to the fact that  no food business should wait to get itself visible in this cozy food-app environment. So if you are keen on expanding your business, remember that sheer food apps can contribute significantly towards it.