T-shirt is one of the most common apparel in the world. There are more than 500 international and local T-shirt brands and about 500 eCommerce websites trading in t-shirts. All these brands and websites are in competition with each other. They require unique and creative T-shirts designs to conquer the hearts of their customers.

Concept of T-shirt design contest

Business companies and organization host a design contest in websites like threadless. Designers from all around the world participate in the contest and submit their designs. The contest holder chooses a winning a design and rewards prize money to the designer.

Benefits of T-shirt design contest markets

By using this concept the contest holders gets about 100 entries per design contest and selects a t-shirt design at an economical price. The designers get a global recognition and also he gets a higher volume of work with assured payments too.

The website admin gets various sources of revenue like paid membership, commission from prize money, income from Ad-captcha and Ad banners.

Success trends of T-shirt design contest market

Using this concept some websites like threadless have developed a T-shirt design contest website. They have achieved multi-dimensional levels of success. They have awarded about 7 million dollars to the winning designers. They have almost 1505 designers to participate in various design contests.

Final word

Every day almost 3 local or global brands are emerging in markets, they require creative designs. This industry has all the ingredients to help them. This industry has a concrete future.

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