Buying and selling are two remarkable integrants that define the whole of the trading process. A successful trade always succeeds in creating a buzz around their product and will never fail to provide what they have promised. An online advert portal denotes one common market platform where both buyers and sellers meet, where the trade happens. Agriya’s first-rate online classified solution is a one-stop advertising marketplace solution, that enables entrepreneurs to deploy and thus integrate an unblemished, comprehensive online classified ad application as part of their business strategy.

Top-tier Advert Solution With Inventive Built-in Attributes

Unlike other conventional classified ad platforms, Agriya’s online classified ads solution resembles a world-class advertising approach. On the basis of global market analysis and modern-day technology advancements, we make sure the maximum compatibility and sustainability, thus and so exemplifies an optimal choice for today’s business scenario.

Classified Ads Demo

Compelling Trading Experience Through Rationalized Approach

As being part of an advert platform, users are allowed to take part in buying as well as selling. Both buyers and sellers can make use of the flexible authentication methods to join and further indulge in trading processes. One can easily list their product by choosing the right category followed by providing the necessary details. Besides, picking the right classified type, pricing option and relevant city or area play a vital role in generating a positive outcome as well.

Apart from typical product description format, Agriya’s premium classified ad solution enables users to incorporate videos and images to improve the credibility. To ensure complete transparency, we make direct communication possible. Buyers can have an open talk with sellers utilizing our chat option. Moreover, the user can make use of our multi-language and currency attributes for more localized advertising experience.

Sponsored ads are introduced to help users with enhancing their ad visibility. It will display the ads on numerous social networking profiles such as Facebook, Myspace, and such like.

When it comes to payments, this full-fledged advert solution assures a solid and secure transaction. It incorporates versatile payment options such as PayPal and Zaypay, also allows users to take advantage of wallet money. Users can access their payment history from their personal user space further.

Businesslike Classified Ad Solution For Systematized operations

Agriya’s maiden venture, the one-stop advert solution brings transparency to operations and thus facilitate businesses to better streamline the entire process. While users have the freedom to manage their actions, businesses are given an advanced admin panel, which includes numerous built-in features that enable them to monitor and control the complete process real-time. Admin has the privilege to add new users, manage new requests, ads, setting up commission rates etc. They manage orders as well.

Yet another incredible feature called automated analytical insights drive more value to the operations. It delivers more clarity over the workflow and hence let businesses to further organize their actions accordingly. Real-time notifications are infused to alert users and to keep them updated. However, Agriya’s online advertising solution is mobile optimized and promises an excellent user-interface for all kind of users.

Final Words

The online advert solution developed by Agriya is a fine medley, built by blending market demands, user expectations, and present-day technologies. It incorporates several inventive in-built attributes to reinvent the conventional way of online advertising and thus proposing a novel, effective, business-driven advert portal.