A valuable technical upgrade

Consistently, implementing latest technological advancements results in easing out the complex workflow. A business software, integrated with a present-day framework, enlarges your customer value.

It’s an added advantage to couple frameworks like AngularJS and Slim. That’s exactly why we’re upgrading our Getlancer product line – Freelance marketplace scripts with appropriate developments.

Earlier, an update was released for Getlancer Quote. Now, Getlancer Bidding, Job, and Portfolio will all be optimized under this new adaption.

What does this mean?

We have worked on improving crucial attributes like functionality and usability. Equal importance is given to scalability, conducive for supporting business conversions.

To achieve an effective UX design, high priority is given to functional animations and conversational interfaces. Furthermore, changes are implemented to provide better visibility status of the system. Fine-tuning of typography like typefaces and fonts can offer increased user experience.

The Front-end of the script will now be actuating on the future proofing AngularJS. Whereas, the back-end is supported by Slim framework. This combination assures an adaptable, stable and secure application with excellent functionality.

Assuming your business is profitable, chances are there for increased web traffic. For which, your platform should be highly operational. That is why, it becomes significant to enhance scalability, guaranteeing concurrent connections. Essentially, it’s what determines the quotient for sustained success as well.

The REST technology

This upgraded version is built with REST (Representational State Transfer) technology. This helps to generate heightened interoperability, leading into the future. It makes the app script securer by inheriting tighter security measures. Also, RESTful API explicitly handles HTTP methodologies to extend the flexibility.

Basically, the aforementioned technical inclusions are worked out by taking the longer run into consideration.

Here’s the product demo,

Getlancer - Freelance Script Demo

Final Words

Going forward, these purposeful adjustments can help you finding better results. Take advantage of this upgrade and find feet in the prevailing competition.