Learning is never stagnant, it keeps propounding. What hinders its expansion is resistance to ‘change’ & ‘Development’. You can make up for most of your educational requirements by sheering away this resistance and embracing change. There are innumerable developments striking the education industry; and most of these developments today bear relevance to ‘Technology’ – The keyword for growth in the Modern times.

Technology is undoubtedly the shaft around which most of the educational progress revolves. Incorporating technological upgradation is therefore crucial, particularly in case of online learning. To make online Learning prospective and profound, it is imperative to walk hand in hand with the latest technologies and trends.

Here we shall unfold some of the trendiest developments that will be immensely influencing the future of e-learning market:

Made-to-tailor Learning Resources

Extending generalized learning resources may not impact everyone significantly, the reasons being simple and vivid. Each learner is supposed to have different conceptual levels, capturing abilities, interest levels & needs. To maneuver each one it is beneficial to evolve personalized resources which can cater to each learner individually, respecting his needs and actively involving. Personalized Online Training courses are just what you are looking for. Precise courses with a demonstrated learning path and a catalog for varied customers to select their own choice and combination of learning modules. It helps the learner to mold the course based on what he has to learn and what is particularly beneficial for him.

Microlearning Modules for quick Assimilation

“Microlearning online training libraries” is a profound eLearning Development for corporate learning. It allows busy corporate learners to invest a little time learning in smaller segments or bites. These corporate learners pick up small modules to learn what and when they like. This enhances their interest as well as knowledge together without any necessity to dedicate special hours. Such on-spot support-learning resources have risen in the market as an important trend in organizations leading more learned, passionate, interested & dedicated employees who love to work and evolve with it.

Real-Time Tutoring

Online coaching and tutoring is on a rage for a reason. Learners receive virtual online learning support with optimum visual aids for better manifestation of ideas. Live coaching can be a big boon for students as well as for employee learning in organizations as their learning needs are catered to efficiently, from anywhere, anytime. These are in fact, enhanced learning experiences which incorporate multimedia for a better transmission and assimilation of information, which would otherwise be monotonous and stereotype.

‘Gamified’ Learning

Gamified Learning is learning through engagement. It is ofcourse imperative to include some vital elements to the learning process to make it more convincing and promising. Such learning processes include badges and bonus points to create a competitive environment for learners who find such systems more engaging and rewarding than others. People are engrossed in a gamified learning environment where they are expected to earn scores and badges depending on their performance. This is not only an engaging learning tool but also fosters a performance indication allowing learners to know about their progress and lagging-points.

Cloud Learning

Cloud stored eLearning modules are bought and downloaded by individuals on demand. This is a simple method that allows learners, both at student level as well as the corporate level to purchase, download and store relevant materials in clouds. The cloud-stored e-learning modules is a trend that’s going to outsmart all latest e-learning technologies today.

Mobile Learning

Creating learning aids and tools using mobile devices has become an essential part of informal learning. M-Learning or mobile learning makes use of technologies like MP3 players, notebooks, tablets and laptops with the purpose of enhancing the mobility of the learner. Learning gets ultra-feasible, accessible from anywhere & instantly shared. Further, mobile learning is proven to increase student scores as well as reduce dropout rates by 22%.

Ready-made Solution to Setup E-learning Platform

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Summing up

E-Learning was promoted to enhance learning and enrich the assimilation of information to the fullest.Not just that, elearning has gone a long way today incorporating the latest technologies and advancements. Owing to its high usage and demand, E-Learning solutions are growing in trend.

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