Liferay is a very popular open source social network script that has been programmed in Java and as a result has become a favourite amongst cost conscious Enterprises who are looking to deploy intranet and collaboration solutions. The main rival to Liferay, which is also aimed squarely at the Enterprise market and developed in Java, can cost upwards of $25,000 for the base solution and when you consider that it doesn’t do much more than Liferay, you can see why businesses are opting for the open source solution and then looking for Liferay Portlet Development to enhance the software to their exact requirements.

Liferay is very modular in design and just like WordPress, a number of add-ons can be created, the terminology for which is “Portlets”, little snippets of code that query the database to display some information. Mostly the portlets add a small amount of functionality, and since Liferay is completely free to use the development costs for deploying an Enterprise social network script can be significantly lower than a commercial option.

Since Agriya has been actively developing social networking software for clients for over 5 years, including Intranet and collaboration platforms, we have a unique insight in to what kind of functionality you might require from a Liferay powered website. We’ve developed numerous Liferay portlets in the past for companies like Cisco and are ready to help you right now with Liferay Portlet Development and even Liferay Theme Development.

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