The year 2018 wasn’t that bad for you, isn’t it? It wasn’t for us either. We have managed to wrap up the year’s achievements with a smile on our face. When we began our journey a couple of decades ago, the situation wasn’t similar as of now. From that point of inception, we evolved with such passion and determination, strived to reach the level of perfection we defined by ourselves.

When speaking about 2018, we choose to name it ‘the year of transformation’, also a ‘year of new openings’. Especially, in regards to B2B business scenario, we witnessed massive changes and market shifts. As a well-established service provider in the software sector, we too encountered various challenges, in other words, opportunities that aided our growth and potential. However, we have served a significant number of organizations- provided them technical assistance they needed to withstand the competition. This document talks from the perspective of our experiences and the lessons we grasped last year.

A Re-return to Agriya’s Endeavors in the Year 2018

Even though we were tightly engaged throughout the year, we never missed any opportunities to analyze and re-assess what we have done. Besides, we keep track of our solutions to find out what impact they are making on the market. This section features some of our many successful solutions, also, how we transformed certain niches through adequate technology integration.

Contribution to Emerging On-demand Market

Among all the services we provided, the one which fits the current market trend is the on-demand development services we offered. We were approached by numerous clients, who had diverse needs, all related to the on-demand business. To begin with, We were given requirements and was asked to develop something which can compete with similar taxi businesses in the market. Further, we take up a project much similar to Uber for X. Even if both belong to the same on-demand sector, the requirements, objectives, and intention were totally different for each.

Our Solution

To build a similar platform without having as many resources as Uber was a challenge for our expert team. So, we framed a milestone-oriented development strategy, which ensures the utmost efficiency in every phase of the development. Also, we performed intense analysis and research to grasp the ins and outs of the ride-hailing business. Soon on completion on the research part, we set up a plan, strategize and implemented those without fail. Now, the taxi booking solution deployed and promoted by Agriya is utilized by numerous taxi services from around the globe, also is considered the best in class.

Taxi App

To bring forth a comprehensive solution as Uber for X was a bit more tedious process. Because it is an all-in-one platform, more time, planning and resources were required. However, within time being we came up with a ready-made on-demand software, which can be transformed into a fully-fledged platform without even writing a single piece of code.


  • On-demand is on the rise and will expand into other emergency business segments very soon.
  • Since commuting is crucial in all areas of human existence, the significance of ride-hailing business will not diminish any soon.
  • On-demand emergency services are getting popular among the population, hence and so, it is one of the best entrepreneurial options for anyone who seeks to make a fortune out of on-demand possibilities.

What do We Offer to you

We have a rich on-demand product line, which includes ready-made solutions, which can be engaged and transformed into a matured software platform right away. No need to code and develop the same from scratch.

Transcended E-learning Scenarios through Right Automation

Education has always been played a crucial part in human progress. And E-learning is the modernized, most advanced form education. The matter that it is very effective with the millennial generation, makes it one of the best business case.

Our Solution

With an aim to transcend the existing online learning experiences and to help enterprises fulfill their training needs, we introduced this smart e-learning software solution. The solution is built in such a way that it will a one-size fit for all kind of training needs. For instance, one can use it as an LMS for corporate training or compliance training, at the same time, it can be shaped as a platform to satisfy the needs of a university etc.

Online Learning Solution


  • The US and Europe account for over 70% of the global eLearning industry. And so, it is ideal for someone who dreams to be a part of the global business realm.
  • An e-learning platform is fit for multiple business verticals. Hence and so, the possibilities are limitless.
  • Corporates have begun incorporating e-learning as part of their training requirements.
  • Individual businesses such as Udemy, Coursera, Mindvalley etc has surpassed every possibility of the education business. One can even follow a similar approach.

What do We Offer to you

The online learning software developed by Agriya is a niche specific solution. And therefore, it signifies the most relevant yet efficient solution available in the market as of now. Similar to the on-demand solution, this too is a cookie-cutter solution, and so it can be engaged easily and customized according to your unique business demands.

Aided Overall Patient Experience with Efficient Healthcare Scheduling Solutions

More than just a need, healthcare is a right of everyone. And this why it is necessary to improve its reach and accessibility. As per clients requirements, we were requested to build an appointment scheduling software, specifically to facilitate the scheduling needs of healthcare organizations. However, from a much broader perspective, we came up with a solution, which is apt for organizations as well as individual practitioners.

Our Solution

The doctor appointment script from Agriya is an all-encompassing solution, that anyone despite the healthcare business vertical they involved in, can make use of it. Also, because it is a fully-automated software, it is meant to eliminate a great deal of human interaction. Packed with all essential features, this inclusive software script will ease your efforts, also streamline your scheduling process as well.

Appointment Booking Solution Demo


  • Global online appointment scheduling market is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 9.80% in the next five years.
  • 66 percent of U.S. health systems will provide online scheduling by 2019.
  • Since automated scheduling is going to be a cruciality for the healthcare sector, the business possibilities involved is huge.

What do We Offer to you

Agriya’s online doctor appoint solution is so very advanced; for it can organize and manage all your appointments efficiently. Also, it is made ready to deploy; so it is easy for you to integrate it with your healthcare business. It matters not whether you run a diagnostic centre, clinic or any business related to the health sector, our solution will be the ideal choice you will ever come across.

Fundraising Made Simple and Effective

What is the most essential aspect of the business? Or what is the driving factor in a business? The answer is simple, isn’t it? ‘Money’. This is why crowdfunding is very significant today. Moreover, crowdfunding itself holds great business possibilities. Thus and so, a complete yet dynamic fundraising platform was a market need. Plus, there was a great demand for the same. In fact, it still has.

Our Solution

Unlike other crowdfunding solutions in the market, ours includes 4 diverse variants of the same. Pledge, donate, equity and lend. You can opt any of the four and transform the script into that particular kind of crowdfunding website. The white label crowdfunding solution is made ready for immediate deployment, so is ideal for someone who wants to kickstart a business right away.

Crowdfunding demo


  • Crowdfunding is something which has a constant demand. And the demand will sustain as well.
  • Choosing the right type of crowdfunding business is crucial. For instance, Kickstarter follows a pledge-based crowdfunding business strategy.
  • Once done with the platform deployment, You must Launch Your Campaign at the Right Time
  • You can make use of Crowdreach, Enventys Partners, Launchboom, Backercamp, Funded Today etc to improve your business reach.

What do We Offer to you

Engaging our crowdfunding script is everything you need to get started with. With four different crowdfunding option given, it is up to you to choose the right business model that suits your objectives and goals. All you need to do is to make up your mind and engage the script.

Implemented GoLang- Machine Learning Integration to Facilitate Mobile App Development Services

Apart from the niche-focused solutions we offered, we also rendered custom app development services for enterprises in need. In order to improve the efficiency and potential of our development solutions, we integrated the benefits of machine learning along with the GoLang. And guess what! It worked. However, two main areas where we encountered challenges were data analysis and data retrieval.


  • Depend on appropriate tools to better understand the code and manage their code bases.
  • ‘GO’ comes with a built-in testing tool, also provides the simplest API possible.
  • With ML integration you can implement a strategy based on Predictive Intelligence, which is proven effective in terms of revenue generation
  • Also, you can ensure data security.

Agriya Sets Future-focused Goals for 2019

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”- Søren Kierkegaard

2018 was full of adventure, but however, we refuse to settle there. This year is new and so contains much more to explore. Now, we have strategized, set goals that are more realistic and present-oriented, it possibly shows us the way to the future as well. In 2019, we are planning to build more technologically efficient systems by making use of AI and ML integration possibilities. Moreover, distributed attention will be our mode of operation this time. By analyzing every aspect of a solution, we ought to bring forth more efficient systems that facilitate our efforts in business. Explore our website to get to know us better.

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