2011 proved to be one of the most successful years in the history of Agriya. We know many companies make claims about having the best year ever but in our case we really mean it and have the success stories to back it up! We have added thousands of new customers over the last 12 months so we thought we’d start 2012 by taking a look back at where we’ve come from.


We kicked off the year with the launch of Nabit, a Yoink clone script where you can run an environmentally aware classified ads website with the unique selling point of everything is free. There are no transactions, it’s all about encouraging people to recycle or take advantage of things people no longer need.

There was also a problem with PayPal that stopped many websites in their tracks that were trying to build a fixed price jobs portal and after our open letter to PayPal things got moving again and they removed the restrictions. We’re very happy that we could make PayPal see sense on this matter.


In February we launched the niche classified ads script, Exposure. This product lets you run a classified ads type website focused on a single industry, for example wedding photographers, dentists, dog groomers, chimney sweepers or anything else for that matter. Exposure makes you money because you have a laser targeted focus and local businesses are willing to pay you money to be visible to such targeted visitors.


An entire industry has been built around providing entertainment to people after the sun goes down and Nocturnal is the portal software a nightlife company needs to help grown their business. With built in tools for venue and event management, fantastic social networking tools as well as the option for photos, videos and blogs, Nocturnal can become the destination website for all the nightlife and entertainment options for your city, state or even country. One website that has taken full advantage of Nocturnal is Cayman Islands website Party Surfers who rely on Nocturnal to drive their events and business.

March also saw the beta release of our new project incubation website. Named FundProjectsWith.me it was the first website dedicated to helping people fund web based projects and share in the profits. The concept has proven to be so popular that late last year we integrated the website in to our main Customers Site and can be found at Agriya Ideas.


The fourth product of the year that we launched was CoupReseller and is designed to capitalize on the massive coupons and group buying markets. Inspired by sites like Lifesta, CoupReseller is a Lifesta clone script which lets people sell their unwanted coupons. Some surveys have suggested that as much as 20% of group deals purchased by people go unused because they forget about them or have to go somewhere urgently which is a huge percentage of unused deals which people could sell on your website.


Continuing to help people capitalize on the group buying, daily deal and coupon mania, we launched Couponator, the software that will literally terminate the coupon competition. This site is designed to run on autopilot where users can upload, search, rate and view coupons for any online website you can think of. Working a lot like a RetailMeNot clone, it can automatically feed coupons from affiliate networks like Commission Junction and others to grow your site automatically and let you earn commissions when people make a purchase after clicking on the coupon code.


The product launches kept on rolling with the announcement of Burrow, the first Airbnb clone script on the market. With the rise of person to person networks and social networking breaking down the trust barriers, Burrow lets you take it to a whole new level by allowing people to rent out their spare rooms, apartments, treehouses or even an airbed on the living room floor. This disruptive concept has raised Airbnb over $150m in funding and spawned a number of clones around the world. Burrow is also flexible enough to allow people to rent out anything from office space, car, car parking, power tools or anything else you can think of.


After 6 straight months of product launches we gave the team a breather to focus on updating the software with all the customer feedback as well as move over to a new support desk integrated in our newly launched customers area.


We got back in to the swing of things with the launch of BuySell in August. BuySell is an Etsy clone script where you create a platform where merchants can create mini shops to sell their products. You provide the infrastructure and promotion, the merchants supply the products. It’s perfect if you have ever wanted to create an ecommerce website but don’t have the storage space or can’t afford the wholesale costs to bulk buy products.

Smartphone usage has exploded in the last couple of years and Agriya were once again ahead of the curve with the launch and successful acceptance of our GroupDeal apps in to the Apple iTunes store and the Android Marketplace. Getting apps accepted is a long process and they have to be QA’ed by several independent people before they are accepted. Being accepted and listed in these marketplaces means Agriya has met the highest levels of quality and can compete with any other software company on a global stage.


What happens when you mix social networks with group buying with speed dating? A GrubWithUs clone script that’s ready to knock the socks off anyone who sees it. GroupWithUs allows you to run a website where you can organize dinner events in various restaurants in the city, arrange a discount based on bulk buying principles, have people pay upfront and then let chaos ensue – or hopefully just the good times. Group dining where you can meet new people who share your interests is a great way to make new friends if you are new to a city without the stigma of speed dating. This concept is still very new and ripe for the taking.


October marked the end of our product launch bonanza as we looked to consolidate and improve on the product range we already had. One great opportunity that happened was our joint venture with a web development company in Japan to offer all our products and services to the Japanese market. Our partner in Japan has been hard at work translating all the scripts to create http://www.agriya.jp which opens up Agriya to a whole new market and brings exciting opportunities for travel.


Continuing our new found taste for the orient, we won our first customer from mainland China (we have already been serving multiple companies in Hong Kong) and the project flourished in to a full blown partnership with Agriya sending over a delegation of programmers and senior managers to Beijing to discuss working together on more projects in the future. We’re looking to establish an Agriya brand in China with all our products translated in to Chinese a lot like our recently established Japanese partnership.


Agriya are no strangers to sending our employees out to work onsite and in December we signed our second contract with a Dubai based company to have several programmers and a designer work onsite for the new few months. We’re really excited about what the new onsite projects can deliver and have asked all our 200 staff to apply for passports in the expectation that we’ll be getting a lot more projects like this in the future.