When you are the market leader like Agriya is for clone scripts, daily deal software, vacation rentals software and more, we always have to be a little bit candid and cautious when talking about our future plans because we know that many companies look to us to decide what to do next. Agriya prides itself on foreseeing future trends before they happen and is just one of the reasons why we have been first to market with our Groupon clone, Airbnb clone, Fiverr clone and Yipit clone to name but a few.

On the other hand, there will always be competitors following in our wake and we want to keep our customers informed and excited as we are about our future plans, but if it comes across as being a little bit too reticent with information we hope you can understand!

Service Based Websites

Agriya has identified several key verticals that are ripe for entering and revolutionizing for a global market. We will be creating a new business unit of the company that will build, operate and run these web based services. The ground work is almost done and development and customization has begun (it’s a cryptic clue, we know!) and we’re looking forward to launching the first of our web based services that will serve a specific (non-tech) vertical in the coming months. More service based websites will be launching over the coming year as we look to expand and become more than a products based company.

New Technologies

If you ever saw our profile on some of the popular freelance websites you may have wondered why we called ourselves “LAMPC” (we pronounce it “lamp-see” in the office). The reason is that back in the olden days (about 8 years ago!) PHP and CGI were the open source programming languages of choice for the vast majority of websites. Fast forward to 2012 and there is a myriad of open source languages with their own advantages and disadvantages. Agriya is already branching out from PHP and developing client projects in cutting edge languages built specifically for the needs of todays web applications and we have hired new programmers to specifically learn these new languages so if you want to get a website developed in an open source language other than PHP, CGI or Ruby let us know because we’ve now got the expertise to help you.

Product Development Driven By Agriya Ideas

One of the most innovative developments that came out of 2011 was the launch of our FundProjectsWith.me concept where we took a crowdsourcing approach to developing new products based on specific consumer demand and taking the guess work out of predicting what will be popular in 6 months from now (although our list of successful products that were the first to market really speaks for itself).

Late last year we rolled the FundProjectsWith.me functionality in to our ever evolving Agriya Customers website and it got a new name: Agriya Ideas. The concept is still the same, you suggest which products you would like to see, we take a democratic approach with people voting on projects to take forward to funding and then anyone can contribute money to the project to ensure it gets developed. As a reward for helping to fund a project the investor gets up to double their money back (depending on sales) along with helping to shape the direction the project takes.

All future Agriya products will be driven by this crowdsourced method so that you can get the products you want and Agriya can focus its resources on projects people will buy. If you have an idea for a project, just head over to Agriya Ideas and let us know.

Relaunching Agriya Forums

In the middle of last year we had to shut down the Agriya forums due to far too much automated spam and vBulletin’s inability to effectively stop it. This was a shame because it was a good place for the community to hang out so we have made plans to resurrect the forum using our brilliant Discuzz software – with some modifications of course! We hope to have this new dicussion forum tightly integrated in to our Agriya Customers area and you’ll be able to meet, hangout and chat to other customers, share ideas and get help on specific questions about the software.


HUSH! We may have said too much already but gamification for Agriya is here and it’s going to rock your world!

New Project Management Tool For Clients

Based on the remarkable success of our Products Bug Tracker which is based on the famous Mantis software, it incorporates a super friendly user interface for the frontend and a developer friendly backend so that everyone gets the best of both worlds. We’re now working to roll this solution out to our customization and service based projects.

Other Plans

Of course, there are a whole host of additional plans that are in the pipeline but for the sake of confidentiality we can’t announce them just yet!

All in all, 2012 is looking to be an even more successful year than 2011 as we look to consolidate our number one position in the clone scripts market, improving our current range and providing the best software with the best support and updates.