Now it is easy to earn money online through Website Flipping. So what exactly is website flipping? Website flipping is the art of creating/buying, improving and selling websites. To give you a simple explanation, this is like buying property, renovating it to add value and then selling it at higher value.

The trend of website flipping is booming in the online market, as webmasters are interested in buying a well established website, rather than buying a domain name, hosting it and then promoting it to finally own a profitable website.

Here we have listed the steps involved in flipping a site using basic techniques that can be followed to earn more profit.

1.    Buying/Creating :

Buying a website is the most important step in website flipping; one should be careful in selecting a website. Before starting the search for a site, analyze and find out what kind of site can fetch you more profit. It may be a content site, forum, ecommerce site or anything else, but you should have enough knowledge about the field. Narrow your focus to a particular vertical, so instead of looking for an ecommerce site, you could look for sites that sell electronic goods or anything else in particular.
You can find sites for sale in the marketplace of website selling sites like,, , BizBuySell etc.

If you have enough experience in Front End Web Designing, you can build a site from scratch by buying an effective domain name that relates to what your site is offering. Then create the site using WordPress or Dreamweaver according to your preference, in a unique design that perfectly reflects the purpose of your site.

2.    Enhancement :

After building the site, you need to enrich it with enough stuff for making it as profitable a site as possible. Research appropriate keywords for each page and write pages with specific keywords, to optimize the site. Then write 100% unique articles on topics relevant to your website, and post them frequently on popular blogs. Participate in forums related to your site, as it will help you gain trust among the forum members and drive enough traffic to your site.
Article submission, forum participation and submission of sites in popular web directories are the most commonly used methods to drive backlinks to your site. You may also use other traditional Internet marketing techniques like press release submission, or adwords ads to optimize the site and achieve high PR.

3.    Selling :

Small and big companies are looking for sites to promote their products and services, so a well established site will have a high market value. Even individuals willing to run a site to do whatever they like, are interested in buying a ready-made site. Once you have enhanced the site, you can sell it to the best bidder by listing the site in the website marketplace of the site sellers like,, , BizBuySell etc, or simply advertise the website on Google Adwords.  Provide web traffic statistics like page views, site growth rate, popular keywords, PR, total revenue you made with the site and reason for selling, to buyers.

Negotiate With Buyers and Sell it at the Highest Rate You Can.