volume-boxVolume is back in the limelight again, the latest version of its premium audio sharing script Volume that is aimed at serving the music enthusiast community the way Rayzz video-sharing script props up the video-sharing community.

The comparison with Rayzz is especially appropriate, it turns out. Earlier versions of Volume were built with the  Joomla engine. As cost-effective and efficient as this was, the evident trend seen today on media sharing websites toward ever-rising bandwidth demands and intense traffic pressures points to a need for a new approach that will help Volume’s new customers stay ahead of the curve. Today’s Volume is built on the highly successful Rayzz framework.

With a new foundation come new features to help webmasters create and manage a better website experience. A Volume-designed website is easy to set up for even a novice website creator, especially so with Agriya’s dedicated support staff. But ease of use in this case comes with great customizable features too. The entire website is easily rearranged to individual needs, and compatibility with the Smarty templating system makes things very user-friendly. Today’s Volume automates the file uploading and job to a large extent. Multiple audio files are easily uploaded at the touch of a button with a batch file uploading feature. Associated audio metadata are automatically picked up in the process as well.

Sending newsletters, announcements and other forms of communication to the members of your music sharing website becomes easier too. An Artist Management section also allows the webmaster to keep tabs on the best-performing acts on the website.

Music sharing today is often just a setting for young people to conduct more meaningful social interaction in. The Volume script natively includes social networking features; website members are able to make playlists and comment on other people’s choices, and communicate by method of internal messaging and mailing. A popular music website is hopefully going to attract advertising interest from sponsors too. Volume’s new advertising management features help the webmaster remain open to the possibility of advertising revenue.

Agriya’s vice president of marketing, Sheerin Banu, sees the latest release of Volume filling an important need in the market. “In certain age groups, shared music exploration happens to be a more important way to bond than other forms of interaction”, says Ms. Banu. The more easily deployed a music sharing site is, as it will be with Volume, the more swiftly will audiences be able to react to shifting trends in music, she feels.

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