The reason everyone is buying clone scripts is because people want to make money on the Internet. When you read about these high tech companies getting $10m or more in venture capital funding it’s enough to make most of us virtually salivate at the thought of having that kind of cash to build a business.

The reality of the situation though is that like any business, you need to put hard work and time in to making it a success. If we look at some of the most successful sites that have used Agriya’s software like GigBucks, Zerrk, CrazyBees, PartySurfers, Spurr and more they’ve invested time, money and effort in to building their business.

Be Realistic

The first tip that we have is to be realistic with your expectations. Success isn’t going to happen over night and none of Agriya’s products can be called ‘get rich quick’ solutions. What they are are platforms around which you can steadily build an online business and hopefully make a pitch to venture capitalists or angel investors within 6-12 months of your launch.

If you are building a business from scratch then it will take a lot longer to achieve a good revenue compared to if you are using one of Agriya’s products to compliment an existing website or online community that you have previously developed.

Invest A Resource

The second tip for making money with Agriya’s software is to invest a resource that you have. This mostly means investing money on marketing such as AdWords, Facebook Ads, SEO, Social Media, content creation etc. but another resource that you can posses is your time. If you don’t have the money to pay for your promotion then you need to invest your own time in to this.

Investing your time is not a one off activity, it needs to be consistent and done regularly. You can’t build your website, spend a week promoting it and then sit back to reap the rewards, an hour a day everyday will be far more effective than 50 hours in the first week.

If you are building a community based website using our Youtube software then it needs to be seeded with content, information and more. Give people a reason to come back to your site, make sure there is lots of content for them to see and of course ensure that it is constantly updated so if they come back again they discover a whole new load of information. People will only come back to websites when they know the information is fresh and relevant to their interests.

Focus On A Niche

We don’t know how many times we keep saying it, it’s probably a lot, but we’re going to say it again: focus your website around a specific niche. Yes, Groupon and Airbnb have gone global by targeting the mass market but they have an army of marketers, the best PR agencies getting their websites in to the mainstream media and millions of dollars of funding. By contrast we find most of our customers are usually on a tight budget and don’t have the resources to go head to head with the big boys

Sidenote: That’s not to say our software can compete with the biggest players in your market, it can, but we’re interested in seeing your success and helping you do what’s going to be right and successful for you.

If you are going to purchase our Airbnb clone, focus on a country, or better, a specific area of your country. Or focus on a specific type of living quarters like only spare rooms or only places that cost $50 or less. If you want to purchase our Etsy clone, then follow Etsy’s business model and focus on a specific type of product (Etsy have cornered the handmade market so don’t target that niche!).

Be A Person

To get traction to your website and start getting people to not just visit but hang around, signup, buy something etc. is going to take some time. You need to set yourself apart from the crowd and become a real life person that people can interact with rather than “just another clone”. If you start participating in forums and blogs related to your chosen niche, produce great content that’s posted on your website blog then you start to become the authority within the field. People like to deal with other people, not faceless websites with a generic sounding “about us” page.

If you purchase our Fiverr clone script for example, you can start with a blog that highlights people posting gigs, you can interact with people in forums that target your niche so you can get yourself known and taken seriously. Being a person that others can relate to does take time and it’s not going to have a measurable amount of success to begin with but over time your authority builds up and the reputation of your site grows as a result.

Exceed Expectations

Most of Agriya’s platforms are about enabling you to build a community and service which means that you will be dealing with customers and stakeholders on a daily basis. Do what you can to exceed expectations whether it’s in terms of customer service or the value you provide when someone buys from you. If someone mentions you or a business in a tweet, take the time to respond to them, if someone emails asking questions a prompt reply is going to give you a better chance of converting that person in to a customer. In relation to this advice, make sure it’s as easy to contact you as possible, be very clear about what the person is to expect after contacting you and most importantly make sure you keep your promises.

These are just five basic steps you need to take in order to start earning an income with Agriya’s range of online business platforms. There are many other steps you can take and our team of MBA qualified Customer Relationship Managers will be happy to assist and guide you to create and grow an online business that makes you money.