The Internet is big business and every day, stories pour in of how people can make a killing off the Net. One way you can cash is through Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a marketing practice in which a business pays for each visitor or customer referred by the affiliate. Affiliate Marketing has four core players: the Merchant, the Network, the Affiliate and the Customer. As affiliate marketing has become more and more dominant as a marketing strategy many companies find it too complex to manage their own affiliate programs and sign up with third parties to manage their program for them. The company that manages an affiliate program is called a Network. An Affiliate Network manages the relationship between businesses and affiliates. Since a Network manages several businesses an affiliate who signs up with a Network gets access to all those businesses.

Affiliate Networks offer various strategies to their affiliates to make money. CPA Networks offers information gathering and lead generation strategies to businesses where the affiliate gets people to fill out forms or complete surveys and gets paid for it. It costs companies much less to get data through these means than hiring staff to go out and get data and the selection of customers is also much wider and often of better quality.

Clickbank gives affiliates generated links which pay the affiliate per click. The affiliate can try many strategies to promote the affiliate program. An easy way is through online classified ad websites. Unfortunately, because most of these ads are free, there are hordes of other affiliates also doing the same thing so unless you can find a way to stand out your conversion percentage is likely to be low. You must also ensure that you track each ad. so that when you get sales you know where they come from and where you should focus your efforts.

If you are can write, then article marketing can supercharge your affiliate program. Well written articles that attract attention and have useful content always get good click through rates (estimated at 7% on an average). Good content alone is no use. The content must be read in the first place which means it must be widely distributed. You should use blogging and social networking tools to help you disseminate content to targeted users.