Analysing the market and its possibilities should be an integral part of your business plan. It clearly indicates that you’ve done your homework so well, for there is a maximum possibility to succeed. When it comes to appointment scheduling and service booking, the current market conditions seem favourable. However, this topic revolves around the market analysis as well the key aspects that make you invincible in the on-demand market.

Online Appointment Scheduling Market- Growth Rate Analysis

The global appointment scheduling market, which was valued at 160 million USD in 2017, is expected to surpass 360 million USD by the end of 2023. The forecast growth rate is predicted at 15.1%, which is competitive and suggests immense business possibilities in the near future. However, among largest consumers, USA leads the competition as they took up over 40% of global appointment scheduling market. Whilst, Europe and Japan shares rest – 28% and 6% respectively.

Appointment Scheduling Market Growth Analysis

Specifically, the doctor appointment booking market is predicted to grow at a surpassing rate of 16.56% for next 5 years. Especially in the USA, it is said that over 3 million people every year miss their doctor appointments, due to poor appointment scheduling practices, commuting and so much more. Anyhow, the inception of a technologically-compelling appointment scheduling solved the crisis to a certain extent and is expecting to transcend the situation to its fullest in the future.

Setting Up Intriguing Appointment Scheduling or Service Marketplaces- Crucial Things to Remember

Yes, there is no doubt that the global economic and market situations are in great favour of on-demand service and appointment booking businesses. In fact, enormous possibilities await the future on-demand businesses, if only they succeed to be consistent all way through this pursuit. This portion provides a detailed study on key aspects of a complete appointment scheduling or a professional search marketplace. Live it up.

Service Marketplace Key Aspects

Implement Social Login

The whole notion of marketplaces or appointment booking platforms is to ease the efforts of the users. When streamlining the whole process, it also eradicates all the possibilities of any errors to occur. Anyhow, flexibility and simplicity you must maintain from the starting point itself. Offer flexible authentication options- Allow your fellow users to sign in with their social accounts. Also, provide regular email authentication to satisfy all kind of users.

Integrate Maps into the Marketplace

Either it is an on-demand service marketplace or an appointment scheduling platform, the cruciality of incorporating a mapping system is inevitable. Since an online service marketplace solution is centered on a hyperlocal model, it is necessary to include maps, which facilitates users efforts to track the services they have requested already.

Mind the Search Engine Guidelines

Google as the biggest search engine, processes over 40,000 search queries every second. In fact, any business despite their mode of operation, business verticals or anything, should optimize their marketplace in accordance with the search engine guidelines. This ensures maximum online visibility, at the same time, improve your conversions.

Reviews and Feedback from Customers

Feedback is a privilege of any user. It is their freedom to share their opinions about the services rendered. Moreover, it also aids enterprises to comprehend their customer’s needs and expectations, further, they can utilize these insights to improve their services. Besides, a majority of consumers now consider reviews from other users before purchase. Sounds crucial, isn’t it?

Responsive Navigation- Easy Booking

The users of your marketplace expect flexibility and easiness more than anything. In fact, any internet users prefer simplicity. So be predictable, provide easy and responsive navigation, make the booking process less sophisticated as possible. Provide search bars, filter options and other similar options to make the booking more compelling.

New to Online Appointment Scheduling Business?

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