markit2-productbox-maxIt’s important to make your users stick on to your site for extending the life of your site, so feed them with new features frequently. We will help you achieve this easily by releasing necessary features regularly. In the new version, Markit, a social bookmarking script flares with six new features namely Digg and Delicious Imports, Post through mails, Bookmark spy, Advanced search and Featured user list.

A good and appealing website can be considered a potent online identity of a company. Even though your Markit site is well designed, your site users may be bored when they see your site often. So you can impress your users by redesigning your site and giving a fresh look to it. You don’t need to hire a professional web designer to design your Markit site. We will help you by offering a bunch of high quality templates.

In this economic situation, spending your money from your pocket is quite difficult. We understand your problem and have come up with a price reduction for a limited period. Don’t delay because we will always do the right thing for our customers!So make use of this excellent opportunity and save up on your cash.

“We love to do creative things in the web marketing world. This time, our Markit team has come up with excellent new features to help our customers stay ahead of their competitors. Also we have made a price reduction on Markit for a limited time. It will surely help our customers save up on cash in the present economic scenario” said Ms. Sheerin, the Vice President of Agriya.

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