Most of what made the news about social media last year, certainly makes it in general, to appear unstoppable; specific reporting about Twitter in particular couldn’t find enough good things to say about the social networking major. Twitter seemed to have its game plan completely figured out – about 60 million registered users, real-time search deals with Google and Bing, and an overzealous crowd of app developers. You would think that a company that was at the very the the zenith of social media success, would find it hard to be written off, but a CNN report does just that.

According to the report, Twitter hasn’t seen a major rise in its membership in six months; in fact, towards the end of the year, monthly visitors actually fell on the Twitter site. Of course, Twitter is countering this, saying that all the company lost were the casual users. The true loyalists, have been visiting Twitter in an alarmingly dedicated fashion, they contend. And of course, there is the old stand by – to use Twitter, you don’t have to visit the site; you can use any number of other embedded services. In fact, it has been estimated 70% of the Twitter membership, access its feeds through embedded specialized services. Twitter has declared that it wishes to regain the custom of users back on the home site, away from alternative ways.

But it cannot be denied, that Twitter has become so large now, that the fun, and intimate feel that it was well-loved for to begin with, is now, just not there. This might suffer further still,, when Twitter begins to try to serve advertising on posts in tweets. Twitter is barely 2 years old now; this young, and certainly inexperienced company will have teething problems, and it would be silly to write it off just yet. But expert users still insist today on saying, that there is something missing in Twitter these days – something that simply wasn’t felt, in its glory days. This coming year should have important lessons for all in how the social media, really works.