React which was introduced by Facebook in 2013 happens to be one of the most in-demand frameworks out there in the market. Described by its creators as “A JavaScript library for building user interfaces” it has reinvented the whole concept of interface development. So what makes react native development so special and why are React Native developers much sought after? And is it worth really so much to develop mobile apps? Let’s have a brief analysis on the youthful entrant- React Native

Short Development phase

React Native mobile app development facilitates the process of developing mobile apps much faster. Being an open source project, it has a lot of components available easily and also has a dedicated developer community who keep supporting React and handle any issues. Statistics have shown that development time decreases by 30% while using open source components. Development times can be drastically decreased using Redux which is a state Management Tool.

Existence of a Vibrant ecosystem

Most of the React Native codes are just plain JavaScript as it gains most of the advancements in the language and its ecosystem. Due to its declarative views, only certain libraries are suited for use. However, react native developers are having a much easier time developing on the React Native environment.

Cross platform flexibility

Most of the React APIs are cross-platform oriented, which means that at least one component will work on either IOS or Android. In certain circumstances, developers need not be platform specific as design implications are different for Android and IOS. During these situations, React provides Platform module and platform specific file extensions. The platform module can easily detect the OS in which the app is running, this can be used later to define platform specific implementations. Platform specific file extensions will allow the developer to define files for specific platforms. React can automatically pick up the correct file depending on the OS the app is running on.

More efficient Native App Development

Native app development is normally associated with lack of efficiency, less productivity and a slower deployment time. React Native development services is more about getting the speed and agility of web app development mixing it up with the hybrid space with native results. Facebook’s React JS UI library for web applications also comes under the React Native’s Hood. React Native makes React JS ‘s app performance and DOM abstraction even better. It’s simplified and easy programming methods have lead to the evolution of hybrid mobile application  development.

Faster growth and more preferred among developers

Getting a grab of React Native is easy as anyone who is aware of JavaScript can easily pick up React Native. This essentially allows any front-end developer to become a mobile developer at ease. Needless to say, a developer doesn’t necessarily have to learn IOS’s Swift or Java for Android, they just need to have a little bit knowledge about JavaScript, some native UI elements, some platform related APIs and design patterns are enough. Even though React Native is relatively new, it has been maturing quickly and Facebook has started investing in its growth.

Third party compatibility and Less memory usage

Third party compatibility means developers need not rely on a web view for certain functions. For instance, if you are integrating Google map functionality to your app, React Native will let you link the plugin with a native module. Therefore it’s necessary to link the map up with the device’s functions like zoom, rotate and compass while utilizing less memory and effectively loading faster.

If User interface is your concern, then React Native is the solution

React Native’s main focus is on building the mobile user interface. React Native is more UI focused making it feel more like JavaScript library than Framework. The resultant UI developed has high response level and fluid due to the asynchronous JavaScript interactions with the native environment, which enables the app will have quicker loading time than a typical hybrid app.

Final thoughts

React Native is definitely a boon to the current generation of Java script developers. It’s ease of development, quality of the apps built with it and the abundance of richness in its platform and ecosystem has been favorable for creating mobile apps. The future of mobile app development looks promising under React Native.

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