Money, we love it. We also hate it. Some even say that it’s the root of all evil (actually, it’s been proven that, infact, girls, not money is the root of all evil). So how can you, as a cool Rayzz customer cash in on your new site?

Well, here at Agriya, we put on some thinking caps and come up with this list on how you can make money from your Rayzz sites…

1. AdSense

Webmasters have been making money from AdSense since 2004. It was the original and by far the best contextual advertising solution available. It serves up text, image and more recently video adverts that are (hopefully) directly related to the content the page is on.

To get the most out of AdSense, we went to our resident internet nerd who had this advice…

Make sure your ads are formatted to blend in with the style of your site. The background and border of your ads should match that of your site. Keep your links blue and your text black. Try an use the untraditional ad sizes like the squares and rectangles. The whole point is to make your ads not look like ads.

2. Longtail Ad Solutions

This cool little program lets you place a line of Javascript code on your site and will then launch a video in your player, before, after or during the clip. This is a great way of monetizing your site, and they don’t half pay out bad either! Check out the demos to see for yourself.

3. Kontera

This program is a lot like AdSense (why invent the wheel, if the idea works, go with it), but instead of placing ads on your site, it contextualizes (try saying that when you are drunk) certain keywords on your site to make them clickable. Not sure what we mean? It’s quite easy…

Say there was a word on your site such as Money. Kontera will make that in to a clickable link so that when any of your visitors click that link, you earn money. Pretty simple, huh?

4. Join Pay-Per-Impression Programs

Although pay-per-impression programs usually pay out low amounts (boo!), the shear number of page views that video sharing sites get should be enough to make this very worth while – hey at the very least it might pay those server fees.

One of the best ones we found was on – where you can earn up to $2 per 1000 impressions. They also have an opportunity to profit from your videos, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

For more sites that will pay you per impression, check out this site

5. Affiliate Programs

In the day and age of AdSense, people seemed to have forgotten how much money affiliate programs can make. For example if you run a site that shows movie trailers, having a banner next to your video player advertising some DVD renting service can make you hundreds of bucks as it’s targeted advertising. Whatever your niche, just type in “your keyword”+affiliate in google, and off you go.

If your site is an adult site…well, there’s no limit to the stuff you can try and sell!

6. Strike a deal with a movie studio for premium content

Err, yeah. Our boss suggested this one, so rather than get fired and reject his suggestion, we’ll add it here. It’s up to you how you go about this one.

So now you have it, 5 easy and great ways to make money from your Rayzz site, and one idea that would be nice if it worked. If you have any other suggestions, comment below!

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