The problem of being haunted by a tune must be a really bothersome one for people, judging by the number of applications there are out there that will help ease your mind in the matter. Midomi is one of the star performers in this area; this search engine is so powerful that it can pick up on the tune you have in mind if you will just sing it over into your computer. All you need is a modicum of singing skill and nothing stops you from placing that bothersome tune. Midomi happens to be a self-refining algorithm too. When enough people sing in for a particular song, the algorithm learns better and better.

Midomi and the competing product Shazam, both work on the iPhone and other smartphones too. Perhaps the best part of Midomi is the way it can tie in with the Twitter and Facebook experience. There is a Facebook app that Midomi has that can help you share all your musical discoveries in this way with your friends on the network. Once you have that song nailed, the program will also let you go over to your favorite YouTube clone site to watch a video or take you to an online music store to buy it.

In collaboration with LyricsFly and IMDB, a new service called ScreenTunes helps you search for movie soundtracks too. The Midomi concept can certainly help push a popular segment in social networking, one that is devoted to obscure music in a shared experience of discovering it. Perhaps the best part of these applications is hearing how they were created by enterprising young people, some barely out of school.