Today we are pleased to give you a sneak peak, behind the scenes look at the new customer ordering system that we are developing. Since we first released Rayzz back in 2006 we have used a 3rd party script called Iono which is owned by SolidPHP.

It did everything we wanted at first (and we’d recommend their latest software for anyone who needs to license their software) but over time our demands and requirements changed and it’s got to the point where there is so much virtual gaffer tape hacked on to the script that the decision was taken in late 2010 to develop a new customer ordering system tailored to our specific needs.

If you have noticed a slow down in releases for products like Rayzz, Volume and Channel in the last 6 months then the reason is that we had to put these developers on to this new customer ordering system.

The new system is very nearly ready, it’s going through round after round of testing with lots of back and forth feedback between all the stakeholders in the new system. We wanted to give you a quick heads up that the new system will be live soon, probably in June sometime.

In the meantime here’s the first of two blog posts that explains some of the new features in detail and to give you a taste of what’s coming up…

customers index page

The All New Agriya Customer Area

Buy All Agriya’s Products In One Place

The new customer ordering system brings together all of Agriya’s products in to one convenient place where you can find out more information, order the product and purchase additional modules, services and templates.

All Agriya Products

Agriya Products Are All Conveniently Listed

(note that the product box images shouldn’t have black backgrounds but the script is still going through the final testing stages so it will be corrected before the software goes live!)

Quickly Order Modules and Templates

Now the modules and templates for all the products are available in a convenient location so you can browse them without having to go through the ordering process. You can simply select which template or module you want and checkout straight away.

buy agriya templates and modules

Easily Buy Templates and Modules

Improved Checkout System

We’ve worked hard to revamp the checkout system to take in to account all the modules, services, templates and extras that you can now buy for all our products. The new checkout system leads you through a step by step process and you can go back and forth as you wish throughout the process.

ordering agriya templates

Large Screenshots Are Now Given For Each Template

The templates now come with much larger screenshots so you can see exactly what you are buying and the modules come with full descriptions so you can get more information without heading back to the sales site.

Order modules from Agriya

See Descriptions of Modules Before You Buy

Easily Manage Your Licenses

You will be able to easily manage all your licenses and manage your support and upgrade options. All products from Agriya will come with 12 months of support and updates from the time of your purchase and you can extend this at any time by purchasing a support and upgrade option.

license management

View and Manage Your Agriya Licenses

Order Verification

We know that a big inconvenience to all our customers has been the verification of their orders. Unfortunately this process is necessary due to the extremely high levels of fraud and we need to be careful that we are not giving our products to people who are using fraudulent payment details.

Automatic Paypal verification

Agriya Can Now Automatically Verify Your PayPal Account

However, we are pleased to announce that in our new customer area you now have the opportunity to automatically verify your PayPal account. Using a PayPal App we have created a system which queries the PayPal server and it tells us if the email you entered is verified by PayPal. If it is then whenever you place an order with that PayPal account we’ll approve your invoice automatically. Awesome!

Re-Assigning Licenses and Development Licenses

Another long term issue that we have addressed in this new customers area is the inconvenience of the license being locked and bound to a specific domain and IP. If you wanted to move to a new domain you currently have to contact us and we have to manually delete the license details. It’s not ideal for us and definitely not ideal for you!

A new feature we have introduced allows you to delete the license details at a click of a button. Simply click the Re-Assign button and install the script on the new site.

Reassigning agriya licenses

You Can Now Re-Assign Agriya Licenses With One Click

On top of that, a number of customers have begged and pleaded us for additional licenses so they can create a developer installation where they can carry out modifications before putting them on the live site. We’re delighted to announce that you can now apply for a development license from the convenience of your members area.

Watch Out For Part 2!

That’s it for the first part, we’ll be back with part 2 shortly which will give you more information about the new support desk system that we have built which will make it much more efficient for you to get support. We bet you are fed up to the back teeth having to give us your invoice ID and FTP details every time you submit a ticket? Yeah, we’ve solved that problem in the new support desk so watch this space!