I think we might have to rename this week the Week of Updates, as hot on the heels of the latest Rayzz update, we are pleased to announce that Kootali has been updated too!

The update includes numerous bug fixes including:

  1. Fixed the issue of sharing a link in posted Items
  2. Fixed the issues in the process of approving a network through admin
  3. Fixed the issue of redirection to the page accessed by the user before login
  4. Fixed few CSS related issues

This update wasn’t just limited to bug fixes as lots of new features and improvements to existing features were added, including…

  1. Added Pagination in the admin member management
  2. Added the privacy settings for videos
  3. Fine tuned the photo upload process while uploading the profile picture
  4. Added the back to link the wall & Discussion board
  5. Added the confirmation while removing a work
  6. Added the “Suggest a network” under the networks menu

The update is free to all existing customers of Kootali. You will find the updated files and update instructions in your Agriya customers download page.