The on-demand taxi industry has recently attracted many business incomings. However, Uber and Lyft still lead the competition. And the reason for their rapid growth and persistence always goes back to their promptitude to experiment and adopt the best that accelerate the growth. Also, a sense of novelty will also allure the attention of the masses. By perfectly blending these factors together, not only that, by clearly defining their short-term goals and strategizing, they have secured a mountainous spot, that seems impossible for others to reach. Here in this document, we discuss the recent updates from Uber and Lyft, that helps them stay ahead of the curve.

Recent Updates and Upgrades from Uber and Lyft

Uber and Lyft

As I mentioned earlier, the readiness to accept and to go with the change is the key to steadfastness. Moreover, to accept and follow the good of others isn’t a weakness, but a great attitude that can shape your journey to success. Uber and Lyft have recently performed some changes, most of which are predicted to have a long-term influence on the business. So, feel at ease to adopt the ones that suit your goals.

Increases the Booking Fee and Rates from 5% to 10%

Uber has recently raised their rates from 5 to 10%, moreover, they have multiplied the booking fee as well. This will have a direct impact on driver pay rates. Uber was always been keen to update themselves in terms of technology, but this is more like a business-focused decision. By giving a hike on driver pay rates, they are planning to improve the overall service and thereby elevating the customer satisfaction. However, this recent upgrade is not for the benefit of drivers alone. If you are planning to step in ride-hailing business, this seems an excellent opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity.

Promoting Transparency by Disclosing more Payment-related Information to the Drivers

Many taxi businesses refuse to reveal the complete payment details to their drivers, which in turn blemishes their actual vision on a proportion of the money they are getting. And in fact, it pessimistically affects the total experience in a long run. Lyft has announced a recent update, which has already been experimented and proven successful by Uber. They have decided to try a new earnings screen in their taxi booking software, that allow drivers to understand how exactly the fare is divided. They will get a clear picture of the percentage of the money they are receiving. Lyft is planning to implement this strategy all over the USA in coming weeks.

Lyft’s Idea to Imitate Uber’s Surge Pricing Concept

Even though the idea of surge pricing seems devastating to the riders, it is absolutely beneficial to the drivers as well as businesses. When the demand in a particular region reaches its peak, passengers should pay an extra percentage of money on top of the base ride amount. However, Lyft has found this notion of peak our pricing effective and introduced a similar update called ‘Prime time’. This latest update is an advantage to the drivers that they will receive an extra share of money for working during these peak hours, whereas businesses will receive a significant portion of profits as well.

Convenient Airport Shuttle Service from Uber

This feature is specifically designed to target drivers who frequently engaged in short airport trips. It allows them to minimize the hectic procedures in airports and to cut back to the frontline. A pop-up screen stating the short trip protection will appear on the app interface and the driver will jump back to the front of the line as he accepts the request. However, the fare associated with this kind of rides will be comparatively higher than usual and is worth waiting in the queue. So, if you are planning to start off a ride-hailing business like uber, this feature can be incredibly beneficial when considering the recent demands and trends.

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Bottom Line

Being involved in ride-hailing business needs a highly competitive attitude and strategies that prove the same. Moreover, in today’s digitized taxi industry, the mobile application plays an integral part in success, but the influence other factors like promotions, frequent updates, and strategies that improve customer loyalty and satisfaction are not negligible as well. However, by delivering seasonal upgrades and discounts, you can confront the incoming competitions to a great extent.

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