Chennai, India – June 04, 2009. Agriya Infoway, a web development company, unveiled Kootali 2.0.8, the latest version of a closed social networking script today. Agriya has enhanced the features of Kootali to meet the requirements and satisfy the needs of their customers.

Social networks help people expand their contact with anyone around the world, by sharing their profile and content like photos, videos etc. Privacy plays a major role in any social network, and the Kootali team has taken this into concern and offered privacy setting in almost all content shared through the sites developed using Kootali. Now users can block any other users from viewing their profile, even when the privacy setting for their profile is set on public.

Instant recording of audio is possible on the site. Users can convey any message to their friends or site members, by simply recording their voice. It would be a refreshing change from text messages.

As the networking site grows, it will be loaded with a large number of audios and videos. Then it will be difficult to find a specific video or audio from big lists. Kootali offers videos/audios search options in the respective pages to help users locate files they are looking for. In the latest version, users can view featured videos and audios on the play page so they can know the featured videos/audios of the site while they were watching something else.

If a user has made a mistake while recording a video/audio, the edit option can be used to make rectifications. While playing a video/audio, users can know how well it has reached other people through ‘Favorites Count’ displayed in the information box.

“In a highly sophisticated networking market, people are turning to powerful and intuitive networking scripts to stay competitive in the net world,” said Sheerin, Vice President of Marketing at Agriya. “We continue to work to offer most cutting-edge networking scripts and are excited that customers will be able to experience the enhanced features and functionality of the latest version of Kootali.”

For further details, visit www.kootali.com