Kootali – is a face book clone script which allows webmasters to create a closed social networking site. It gives the perfect environment to socialize with online members. Allow your users to create a group and share articles, videos and photos with other members. Using Kootali, your users can easily earn money as it lets the users post their items for sales and rent in the classified section.

After receiving many feedbacks and suggestions from our valuable customers, our programmers have upgraded many features in Kootali and released a new version of it. The new version includes an array of excellent features for both the admin and member sides, thereby making community maintenance a very easy task.

The earlier version of Kootali would pass the photo tag request to the tagged person for confirmation. The photo tag would be put to effect only after confirmation. The tagged person would not be notified of their confirmation. But now Kootali will utilize automatic mail notification to notify tagged people on confirmation of their photo tag which helps them to keep record of their photo tags.

It is safe for webmasters to change the default password after installation. So in the current version, we have made the site to redirect webmasters to the change password page until the temporary password is changed, once he logs into the site.

The current version has an auto save facility in the Edit Language file, i.e. the content entered in the text box of the edit language page will be auto saved. Hence the loss of entered data due to unexpected situations like hanging, forgot to save, etc can be avoided.

Most of our clients felt that previewing email templates after setting them, would add value to this feature. So we’ve implemented that into the latest version as well. After previewing, webmasters can update/leave it as before, based on requirement.

As per webmasters’ requests, we added one more feature under the admin panel to view and delete walls posted by their members. They can also restrict the number of videos and video albums uploaded by users.

While creating new networks, webmasters have to provide details of each member which takes much time. To reduce their load, we have planned to offer a bulk data importing facility, through which webmasters can download member lists as a CSV file in the manage members option. It will greatly reduce the time that would otherwise be taken.

Your version is ready at the store, grab it and enhance your community.

See yourself how it works in the demo